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   Chapter 12 Mysterious Room

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Poor little girl! She had a mother but no father before. Now she had a father but no mother. Somehow she never had a complete family.

Sighing, Bessie quietly walked out of the room and gently closed the door. Standing there, she still couldn't feel relieved.

She had been leading a happy life since she was born. She never experienced such miserable life before. All of a sudden, she felt that this little girl was so pitiful.

But she hadn't found her room yet. Bessie kept searching. The one opposite seemed to be very nice!

Bessie had never been to her cousin brother's villa before. Maybe it was good to live closer to him?

She couldn't wait to open the door to have a look, but a big hand from her back pressed on hers to stop it.

The hands from behind were so cold that she was almost shivering.

Bessie turned her head and asked in shock. "Hey Bro, don't you make any sound when you walk? You freaked me out!"

"You can stay in any room except this one. But now I ask you to live in a room that is farthest from me!"

Raymond, standing behind her, pointed to the room at the end of the corridor and said, "Either go out or stay in that room."

Bessie exclaimed, "Why? I'm your cousin sister. Why can't I choose this room?"

"Shh! Keep your voice down!" Raymond reminded her very happily.

Only then did Bessie realize that the little princess's room was behind her. It was not appropriate to speak loudly like this.

But she was not reconciled to be ignored like this. Raymond treated her so coldly and rude. After all, she came all the way from overseas to take care of them. It was really heartbreaking to be treated like this!

Colin ran upstairs when he heard them arguing. Seeing that they were arguing at the door of Nat's room, he immediately pulled Bessie to the room at the end of the corridor. "Raymond let you live wherever he wants. This room is also good. Don't be so picky. It's much better than asking you to stay on the third floor. Let's go!"

Bessie was still unwilling to give up, but she had to go with Colin.

Raymond's eyes slowly shifted to the door in front of him, and his eyes were covered with a layer of sadness.

The door was closed tightly. Bessie was thrown on the bed by Colin and she bounced hard.

Before she could react, Colin heaved a sigh of relief and said, "My fair lady, you could choose whichever room you want. How come you picked that one? If you dare to go in, I can guarantee that your brother would break your bones!"

"Is it that serious? Isn't it just a room?" Bessie looked at Colin in disbe

lief, widening her eyes.

"If it doesn't have any special meaning, why does your brother take it so seriously? That was his secret! I'm afraid only the person who could stay in the rom this life time is his secret!"

Frowning, Bessie asked, "Is she the mother of that little princess?"

"Congratulations! You are so smart. That's true!" Colin clapped his hands.

Bess was speechless. "That's super interesting! But what are they doing now? It seemed they love and care about each other. The woman even has given birth to his baby. Why didn't the child's mother move in? They are really contradictory!" Bessie gave her comments in confusion.

"I also think it's very contradictory. But we are all bystanders. We don't know the details and can't make it clear. You just need to remember not to enter that room from now on! Even the servants in the house have not entered this room before, and only your brother has the room key." Colin warned her again and again.

Bessie curled her lips, "But, have you ever seen my future sister-in-law? What does she look like? I saw my niece just now. Most of her features didn't follow my brother. She must follow her mother. She should be a super beauty."

"Of course I have met her. I have been with your brother since he was released from prison. I know everyone he knows since then."

Colin answered. Thinking of those disorders and tortures between the two over the years, Colin sighed and said. "I'm not sure if that person will become your sister-in-law. But she is really beautiful. But both your brother and the woman are so stubborn that neither of them would be willing to apologize first. What a perfect match, huh? So even if there is a daughter in between, what could happen? Unless they could figure out something by themselves, they would always keep the relationship with each other as the most familiar strangers like now."

"Wow, your words really gave me a lot of information. I'm so interested! For so many years, I have never seen my brother fall in love with any woman. Honestly, I did think he was a gay or he had some sexual problems. It turned out that it was all because of this woman! I wish I could meet her someday in person!"

"All right, all right. There are some things that we'd better not get involved in. Just have a rest." Bessie showed her large interests in her niece's mother. Of course, she would like Raymond to lead a happy life. Perhaps she could do something to help.

Colin pushed the door open and walked out of Bessie's room. After thinking for a while, he decided to call Susie.

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