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   Chapter 11 Surgery Went Well

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Susie had no idea how she returned to her house. As soon as she opened the door, the overwhelming smell of Nat overwhelmed her.

The smell of her baby girl made her unable to bear it anymore. She closed the door, knelt on the ground, and cried bitterly.

She wouldn't be able to see Nat again in the rest of her life! Never ever!

Her heart ached. Nat was a flesh came out from her own. It didn't matter who her father was. Nat was her lifelong support!

'What should I do? What the heck should I do? My Nat!"

Holding Nat's favorite doll in her arms, Susie couldn't help crying...

Standing outside the surgery room of a private hospital, Colin was worried about what was going on inside, although he knew that nothing would happen.

But he had an indescribable feeling in his heart. Maybe Susie was really the fate of Raymond. What Raymond had encountered in the first half of his life was inseparable from this woman, and every difficulty was the same.

But as an outsider on their love and hatred chessboard, even if he felt that their entanglement was boring and unnecessary, he could do nothing to change it.

Because this tortuous path of love was their own choice, and he, an onlooker, could only be a witness.

All of a sudden, the door was opened. Colin immediately stood up and looked at the handsome mixed blood doctor coming out of the operating room. He asked anxiously, "Jason, how is it going?"

Jason said in a relaxed tone, "Please don't worry. You can rest assured with me in everything. But I'm curious why he suddenly has a daughter!"

Colin shrugged. "I'm also curious. The appearance of this child shocked all of us. Even Raymond is stunned!"

Jason, however, was somewhat happy. "But his boring and cold life will be glorious in the future. He won't be lonely anymore. He has been leading a depressing life all these years! I'm so happy for him!"

"Not necessarily! Maybe it's another disaster in his life." Colin expressed his worries.

Hearing that, Jason was a little surprised. It seemed Colin did make sense there. There must be something he didn't know.

After the surgery, the father and his daughter were transferred back home. Raymond's house had been in endless silence these days. Everyone moved cautiously, afraid of disturbing the two of them who were resting quietly upstairs.

Colin was sitting idly in the living room downstairs and playing video games with muted volume.

All of a sudden, the door of the villa opened. Bessie showed up in the living room with colorful outfits. "Hi, my little fellows.

Do you miss me?"

Colin immediately shushed her, winked at her and said, "Keep it down. There are patients resting upstairs."

Bessie immediately stopped talking and asked him curiously, "Who are they? Who are the sick and so fused patients? Where is my niece?"

"Your brother and niece are the patients!" Colin answered.

"Would my brother get sick?"

After saying that, Bessie turned around and was about to leave.

However, Colin quickly grabbed her and sneered, "Bess, where do you want to go?"

"Since my brother is sick, I'd better avoid him. Otherwise, it's not appropriate for me to stay here with such a bad temper, which will disturb the patient's rest!" Bessie struggled against him and tried to walk out.

"Come back! You are biological cousins. Now your brother has had a major operation. It's better to have the closest person at this time. Besides, the child needs to be take care as well. Who else can do it if you don't? Let the nannies do it? Aren't you afraid that they will abuse your niece?" Colin tried to persuade her.

"Who dares!" Although Bessie said so, she still sat on the sofa. "Forget it. I'm such a kind-hearted person! I'll stay here for a few days then. If Raymond dares to offend me, I'll leave right away!"

"Of course! Of course! Whatever you say!" Colin immediately changed to a flattering look.

"Then I'll go upstairs and pick a room for stay."

Bessie ran upstairs quickly, as if she was afraid that someone would grab her little tail.

She looked upstairs, one room after another. She didn't find her favorite room, but accidentally opened a room decorated the same as a princess room, in which lay a little pink princess.

Surprised and delighted, Bessie tiptoed forward. She couldn't help but feel happy when she saw the little elf who was like a fairy falling into the mortal world.

Was this little girl her cousin brother's daughter? She was so pretty! But most of her features didn't look like Raymond. She should look like her mother.

Since the daughter was so cute, the mother must be very beautiful. Bessie couldn't help but wonder who her mother was.

Thinking of what Colin said on the phone, she thought that her mother must be a strong and independent woman. Otherwise, why didn't she marry into this rich family with her daughter?

But this mother seemed to be too cruel. After all, this was her own daughter. Would she really have the heart to give up her daughter to the child's father? What was going on her mind?

"Mommy!" The little girl in bed was murmuring in her sleep.

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