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   Chapter 10 Not Necessary Now

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All of a sudden, Susie's phone rang in her pocket. Taking out her phone, she took a look at the contact and answered calmly, "Hello!"

"Sue, I have found someone with the same blood type as Nat. Nat can be saved! The man was coming back from overseas soon and might arrive tomorrow. We have made a deal that she will definitely go to the hospital and be obligated to help Nat."

Hearing that, Susie's heart trembled all of a sudden. She couldn't help but cover her mouth with her hands and sobbed. "Nathan, thank you for your help for Nat all these years. But it's not necessary now."

Nathan was stunned at the other end of the phone. Then he asked cautiously, "What's wrong? What happened to Nat?"

"Nat is fine. On the contrary, it's a good thing for her!"

With a bitter smile, Susie said, "I went to see Raymond. He has promised to save Nat, so you don't need to worry about her anymore! I can rest assured in the future."

Nathan said asked in a low voice, "Will he be so kind to help you for no reason? He has done such cruel things to you in the past... Has he already known he is Nat's father?"

Susie didn't want to repeat those things that were tearing her heart apart. She told Nathan, "I have a lot of things to do right now. I don't have time to explain in details to you. I'm too tired. Bye. "

She dropped her hands in a daze and looked at the place she used to feel very familiar with, but now she felt extremely desolate.

This place was where she grew up. She was born and grew up here. She had experienced all the good things, but it was also in this place where she had also experienced the unbearable pain in her life!

She lost her parents, her family, everything, and now her only child...

All of a sudden, she felt this city was full of disgusts and wanted to escape from this place.

At the other end of the phone, Nathan held the phone for a long time and couldn't calm down.

He didn't know what had happened after he left. Why did Susie suddenly compromise?

But this might be a relief for her. After all, she had been dragged down too much by this girl over through the years!

Now that she suddenly lost her daughter, Susie must be very sad. Even if it was a burden

for her, it was also the only pillar of her life on which she could live.

All of a sudden, he became a little worried about Susie.

The beautiful mixed blood girl sitting across the desk looked at Nathan and shook her hand in front of him. "Hey, Dr. Handsome, have you forgotten me?"

It was not until then that Nathan realized that there was still a patient sitting in front of him. He hung up the phone and smiled. "I'm sorry. I was absent-minded just now."

"It doesn't matter. So what happened? I'm really willing to help that little girl."

"Well, I don't think it's necessary now. She has found her biological father in China, and her father will help her. Now the little girl should be fine. But thank you all the same!"

"Sure!" The girl breathed a sigh of relief. "It doesn't matter. Every life is beautiful, especially the newly born lives. They are flower buds, who need more care. Now that she has found the suitable blood type and bone marrow, I'm relieved. By the way, Dr. Handsome, can you please tell me your name? I feel we are so destined to meet each other in the future! "

Nathan pointed at the sign on the table, indicating that this was his name.

"Nathan?" She wanted to know his Chinese name, but it seemed the doctor didn't want to disclose it. The girl mocked and shook her head. "My name is Weiwei Leng. I'm a Chinese American. Weiwei Leng is my real name!"

Bessie stood up, grabbed her clothes and threw them on her shoulder casually. "I hope we can meet again in China in the future! See you! "

After throwing him a kiss, Bessie turned around and left the consulting room.

Nathan frowned slightly. He didn't like westerners who are over passionate and unrestrained. What Bessie behaved made him a little disgusted.

But he thought that the girl just promised to help Susie's daughter without asking anything. At least she was a kind-hearted girl. Maybe she was assimilated here.


At the thought of Susie, Nathan felt a little uneasy.

Now there was no one in China that Susie could rely on, so she must be very fragile mentally now.

No! What if she couldn't hang on and something happened to her at this critical moment? He must come back to Susie!

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