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   Chapter 9 Taking Nat Away

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But how could she forget? How could she let it go? She had nightmares every night! She couldn't forget the past at all! She couldn't pretend as if nothing had happened and live under the same roof with Raymond!

She had brought her daughter to this world and made her suffer such a serious illness. Perhaps all these were the punishments from her parents!

Just as others scolded her, she was shameless and gave birth to a child for her hatred!

Maybe everything would be over after she returned Nat to him.

On the second day in the early morning, Colin came to the hospital. Susie hadn't fed Nat breakfast yet. Seeing the group of people with Colin, she felt a dull pain in her heart.

She insisted on feeding Nat spoon by spoon with the bowl in her hand, and said to her gently, "After breakfast, Nat is going to find Dad. Dad has found the best doctor for you, and Nat will recover pretty soon."

Nat was very happy. "Yeah! I'll eat my breakfast well!"

Susie nodded, continued, "But I can't go with Nat today. After finding Dad, you can stay with him. Dad will take good care of you like Mom did."

"Why can't Mom go with Nat? Nat wants Mom for accompany!"

Susie's tears almost fell down. She took a deep breath and answered, "Because the treatment will cost a lot of money. If Mom goes with you, there will be an additional cost. We have to save money and leave it to Nat! Be a good girl, okay?"

Nat thought about it carefully. Right. It was quite tiring for her mother to make money as she needed to work so hard. Nat had always been a thoughtful girl. She then nodded.

"All right! Nat will be back soon. Don't worry, mom."

After the breakfast, Susie stood up and looked at Colin. "Please inform me if you have any further news. Don't let me wait here like a fool."


Looking at her, Colin wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. He sighed and left with Nat in his arms. Susie tried her best to hold tears in her eyes, staring at Nat from the window until she couldn't see her any longer.

The empty ward was so quiet that Susie felt her heart was empty as well. She stood there for a long time, unable to react.

She really gave her daughter to Ra

ymond. The most important person in her life now had gone.

She reached out with her trembling hands to touch the sickbed, where there was still Nat's temperature left. She couldn't bear it anymore, held the quilt, and cried silently.

Colin got into the car with the child in his arms, and Raymond, sitting in the car, took the child from him.

This was the first time he had held his daughter, but the feeling of touching her made him feel sorry for her.

This child was so skinny that he could only touch the bones without any flesh!

Frowning, Raymond complained. "How on earth did Susie take care of her child? Nat is already four years old, but she is so boney!" Then he looked at Natalie, asking, "Didn't your mother feed you with any food?"

Nat was so mad. "Don't speak ill of Mommy! Mom loves me the most! She worked very hard and was tired of making money! Are you my Dad?" She looked at Raymond and asked.

Raymond nodded.

"Then why didn't you come find us? You seem to be very rich. You don't know how difficult Mommy is!"

Raymond sneered. How difficult could she be? At that time, his father almost used up the property of his whole company before passing on, and all the money went to Susie's account!

"Will you protect me and Mom in the future?" Nat asked her Dad with expectants. Her friends in kindergarten always mentioned how protective their fathers were. Now she has a protective father, too.

Raymond promised, "I will protect you from any harm."

As for Susie, she had refused him. She didn't need his protection!

"Nat, now take a nap. You need a good rest. We adults will resolve problems by ourselves."

Raymond pressed the baby girl into his arms. At this moment, his heart beat so fast. The care was driven slowly and gradually it melted into the traffic.

With a broken heart, Susie packed up everything in the ward and walked out with a small box in her hand.

There were people coming and going at the gate of the hospital. No matter how desolated other places could be, the hospital was always the most crowded.

It was also this place where you could see birth, death, and departure, which brought people happiness, sadness, and hopelessness.

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