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   Chapter 8 Kiss in the Dark Night

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Nat clapped her hands and she felt extremely happy.

But she soon saddened, saying, "Unfortunately Nat can only stay with Dad for a few days. The doctor said I would die!"

"No way! Dad will save you definitely! Dad is here to save you. Then you'll live a long time, and you'll be with Dad for a long time!" Said Susie firmly.

"Great! I really want to find my father as soon as possible and stay with him all the time forever and ever!"

Hearing Natalie's exciting statements, tears streamed down from Susie's eyes. She held her daughter tightly for fear that her daughter would see her fragility.

'My silly daughter, you may not know that when you are staying with your Dad forever, you will be separated from Mom forever.

I can't let go! I don't want to part with you!' Susie tried her best to swallow down her sadness, enjoying the last moment holding her daughter. There would hardly be such chance for her in the future.

The result was sent to Raymond in the evening that day.

The moment Raymond had read the test result, he couldn't stay calm anymore. He grabbed the car key and rushed to the hospital.

At this moment, the hospital had already been quiet. There were only a few lights in the room.

Raymond rushed into the ward quietly. Susie was washing Nat's clothes in the bathroom. Before she could react, she was grabbed out of the ward by Raymond.

They arrived in the staircase exit. Raymond pushed her hard against the wall. Suddenly, his tall and strong body came over and a kiss with crazy plunder and revenge fell fiercely on Susie's lips. He kissed and bit her as if he was already out of his mind.

Susie struggled to resist, but her strength was not enough to resist the beast-like Raymond at the moment.

Gradually, she gave up resisting, but the kiss was so passionate that it deeply touched their hearts. Susie's tears fell down silently.

Raymond kissed the slightly bitter tears on her face, and his madness gradually turned into tenderness.

No matter how much they had tortured each other in the past, he just wanted to enjoy this moment quietly, even if it only lasted a short while.

He couldn't remember how much he had missed the warmth of moment like this. When Susie swore to leave resolutely that year, he never thought that they would have such chance since then.

A myriad of emotions intertwined. The kiss from Raymond made him unable to explain the feelings for Susie and his reasons behind.

The long kiss finally ended. It was so long that they felt it had lasted for a century.

Raymond breathed a long sigh of relief. With his forehead against hers, he asked in a choked voice, "Why didn't you tell me in the past? Why do you have to leave?"

"Why should I stay and continue to be humiliated by you?" Susie answered, tasting the bitterness of her tears.

Hearing her answer, Raymond's hands suddenly grasped her shoulders. "If you were willing to tell me that you were pr

egnant at that time, we would never be like this!"

"So what would happen if I told you at that time? Wouldn't you still doubt that the child's father is Nathan? Just like you firmly believed that I was an impure woman who had cheated on you?"

As long as Susie closed her eyes, she could thought of the night when Raymond gave her a murderous look and slapped her hard across the face. He had already sentenced her guilty as he never believed her or listened to her.

That slap completely pierced her heart, making her still feel heartbroken when thinking of it now!

"Until now, I can still clearly remember that your slap completely woke me up!"

Susie laughed grimly. "My father is dead. I didn't blame you! All my uncles and aunts in my family call me ungrateful. They couldn't believe that I would fall in love with the person who killed my father, and even be willing to give birth to a child for him! But no matter how they scolded me, I couldn't let go of you. I still firmly believed in you and loved you. It was your ruthlessness that hurt me completely! Anyway, I still have to thank you for finally waking me up from the self-depravity and letting me recognize who my enemy is!"

"I never did those things on purpose!" Raymond tried to explain.

"You schemed to get close to me. You used your good play to make me lose my heart and virginity for you. You used me to enter my family's company and become the general manager step by step. In the end, my family was ruined under your plan! You are so scheming. Now you told me you didn't do them on purpose?"

Susie slapped his hand down from her shoulders and stepped back coldly, forming her defense against him.

"Raymond, I hope our relationship will stop here! My oath is still valid! If you want to have Nat, I'll give her back to you! After all, I didn't pay for her treatment, nor will I provide the bone marrow. I'm not qualified to give Nat a good life. I admit it! But from now on, we don't owe each other anything and should go our own ways! You are her father. Please let her forget that I am her mother!"

Hearing her hardhearted statements, Raymond clenched his fists, blue veins almost popping out.

He didn't expect that he had given up his dignity to find her, hoping that he could have a chance to ease their relationship and give them a chance in the future. However, he never thought it would be destroyed like this!

Step by step, Raymond retreated to the stairway and said bitterly, "Please go ahead forget I have been here tonight! Take good care of Nat. I will send someone to pick her up tomorrow morning."

The cold man turned around and disappeared in the endless darkness. After losing all her strength, Susie fell to the ground dejectedly.

Just now, Raymond had made it clear that as long as she was willing to show weakness, she could still be with her daughter. And from then now, the three of them would be together living as a family.

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