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   Chapter 7 I Have Father Now

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Colin gave a sigh, asking, "Look, I really don't understand. Weren't you already with Nathan Ye together in the past? We have all seen with our own eyes that you both have already... Just like that! How could you keep Raymond's child?"

Susie raised her head in confusion, answering, "Yes! Why did I keep Raymond's child? Maybe my hatred was not deep enough, or my love is not shallow enough!"

Colin almost broke down when hearing that. "Since one of you doesn't hate and the other deep enough, and one doesn't love the other shallow enough, why did you insist on leaving at that time? Do you know how painful it was for Raymond to see you leave?"

Susie sneered. "Would he suffer? If he had suffered, he shouldn't have driven my whole family to death! He has never thought how painful I was! I saw with my own eyes that my father had a cerebral hemorrhage. Raymond gave me the fake medicine by himself. Then my father was killed by me! I saw my mother jump down from a twenty storied building and die in front of me! How can I forgive him?"

Colin was at a loss when he looked at her so desperate. "Susie, please, please stop it!"

"Even if I loved him so much that I betrayed every one of my family, there were so many bloody facts in front of me! I have nightmares every night! Do you know how suffering I feel? It was me who set the wolf to keep the sheep! My childishness killed my family! Even if I could forgive Raymond, I couldn't forgive myself!"

"There were reasons behind everything that happened in the past! You don't understand his pain!"

"Yes, I don't understand him! I have never understood him! If I could understand him earlier, all this would not have happened! Now he has won everything. He has got everything, and even will take away my only daughter from me!"

Colin took a deep breath. The so-called "not even good officials can settle family troubles" might be the most description for the scene in front of him.

"I don't know what to do now! I don't know much about Raymond and what happened to him before. I got to know Raymond only one year earlier than you did! I don't know much about his past. But in my opinion, Raymond is a man who knows the difference between good and evil. Maybe one day when Raymond figured it out, he would tell us the truth of everything!"

Susie didn't say anything. No matter what the reason was, there was still a barrier between her and Raymond!

Colin pursed his lips and didn't know what else to say. He felt embarrassed to stand here all the time. Then he said to Susie directly, "

Pease take good care of yourself. In fact, if you soften your attitude, Raymond won't be too heartless. I'm leaving now. I'll come to see you another day."

He meant he would come to see Susie alone, not to see her and her daughter.

It seemed that Colin had known that Raymond would never let go of his daughter if the DNA test confirmed.

Thinking that her daughter would leave her in the end, Susie felt an indescribable pain in her heart.

She could give up everything for her daughter, but she couldn't let go of the hatred in her heart!

When she returned to the ward, she saw her daughter playing with toys on the bed alone.

Surprisingly, Susie realized she hadn't bought any toys for Nat. Colin just now had only brought long some food with. Who had been here while they were talking outside?

"Nat, where did you get the toys?"

"Not long after you left with Uncle Colin, another uncle came. He gave it to me!"

"Didn't I tell you not to take things from a stranger casually? What if he is a bad guy?"

"That uncle said he is a friend of Uncle Colin." Natalie answered.

Colin's friend? Who else knew Natalie was here besides Raymond and Colin?

Susie immediately ran to the window and saw Colin and Raymond walking side by side towards the garage.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, Susie walked back to her daughter and asked, "Nat, will you be happy if you will always live with your father in the future?"

"Of course I will be happy! But... Do I have a father?"

With a smile, Susie touched her daughter's head and answered, "Little fool, of course you have a father! Everyone in this world has parents, and of course, our Nat also has father!"

"Then who is my father? Have I met him before?"

"You have just met him!" Susie told her the true.

Nat recalled carefully who she had met just now. One was Uncle Colin, and the other was a good looking uncle who gave her toys!

"Mom! I see. He is the handsome uncle who gave me toys, right?" She answered proudly.

Susie was a little surprised while she knew Nat could figure it out. Perhaps this was the power of kinship. Even if they had never seen each other, they could still feel the connection.

"Well, my Nat is so smart. You are right at once! That man is your father!"

Nat was so happy that she was about to jump up to look for her father.

Seeing her daughter's excitement, Susie held her to avoid she fell down from the sickbed, while feeling more and more suffered.

"Don't worry, Nat. Starting from tomorrow, you can live with Dad together!"

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