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   Chapter 6 DNA Test

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Standing there and looking at the little girl lying on the sickbed, Raymond seemed to be in a daze.

This little girl reminded him of the first time he saw Susie many years ago.

This girl's appearance was exactly the same as Susie when she was a child!

However, at that time, Susie was always with a sweet smile like a sunflower, while this girl was lifeless and depressed, without the vitality that a little girl should have.

Was this little girl really his daughter? She was just like a copy of version of Susie. Why was there no trace of him on her? Was this really his daughter?

Susie said heartbreakingly, "When she was very young, she envied that other children had their parents by their side, but she only has me. She asked me several times who her father was. I don't know how to answer it."

"You should have told her who her father is!"

"But what should I tell her? Tell her that her parents were enemies? Tell her that she was not a fruit of love, but of hatred?"

Raymond clenched his fists so that he could control his anger and disappointment.

It turned out that there was no love for them in the past. There was only hatred left, wasn't there?

"If she is my daughter, I will never let my child leave me! If she were not, I would never save her! So, you should understand whether she is my daughter or not, you will lose her eventually!"

Hearing that, Susie's body stiffened. With tears in her eyes, she choked, asking, "You don't even give me a chance, do you?"

"You swore that you would never have anything to do with me. You would never spend a penny on me! This was your own oath! If she is my daughter, why do you want to have anything to do with her? If she is not, why should I spend a penny on her?"

Raymond said to her through gritted teeth.

He slowly took out his phone from his pocket and gave an order to the other end. "Arrange the best medical team to come here. I want a result in three days!"

After hanging up the phone, Raymond looked at her coldly and said, "Cherish these days. Maybe this would be a goodbye forever!"

The cold footsteps gradually faded away, and Susie couldn't pretend to be strong anymore. Bending over on the bed edge, she cried desperately.

Soon enough, Raymond's medical team came over and drew blood from Nat, who was still in a coma, and then they left.

Susie knew that it was for Raymond's requirements of the DNA test. The result would come out in three days, and her Nat would leave her forever.

Susie's heart was so painful that it was almost numb. She had waited for so many years, and she thought that she could finally wait for the suitable bone marrow to be transplanted. She had never thought of asking for help from Raymond. Once that cold-blooded man had known everything, she would be separated from her daughter. That was what happening now.

However, they still hadn't waited for a suitable bone marrow. And the day that she expected

least eventually had come!

This might be the destiny!

She had tried her best to hide the truth from him. She had thought that she could keep the child, but she had never thought that she would eventually lose her.

'But it doesn't matter, my Nat, as long as you can grow up healthily and happily, I will be satisfied!

We have been living together for so many years, and you have suffered too much. Your father will give you the best life in the future, and you don't have to live in pain every day!

But, my dear child, please don't doubt my love for you although I have to leave you. In Mom's heart, no one is more important than my daughter!'

Nat, who had been sleeping for a day and a night, finally woke up in the afternoon of the second day, while Susie had been there all the time without leaving one second. She kept looking at her beloved daughter, trying to remember every detail of her in these three days.


Her soft and sweet voice melted Susie's heart!

She rushed over, touched her little face, asking, "Nat, do you feel uncomfortable? Does your body hurt?"

Nat opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she rolled her eyes and answered, "No, it doesn't hurt!"

How could it be possible! It was because Natalie didn't want to worry her mother more. Her daughter's thoughtfulness made Susie cry again. She hugged her daughter tightly and didn't want to let her go.

There was a knock on the door. Turning around, Susie saw Colin's smiling face.

"Hello, my two most beautiful ladies! I'm here to see you! How are you both doing today? Look what delicious food I have bought for you!"

Nat took a look at Colin and asked Susie curiously, "Mom, who is this uncle?"

"He is..." Susie was about to introduce. Colin disturbed her.

"Hello, little fairy! I'm a good friend of your parents for many years! You can call me Uncle Colin!"

"Nice to meet you, Uncle Colin!"

"Good girl!" Colin gently touched her hair.

Susie asked him with a little anger. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm a guest here. Why are you so mean to me? I'm not Raymond. I won't do anything to harm you!"

After saying that, Colin peeled an orange and fed it to Nat for pleasing her. "Oh, my sweetheart! Look at what your mother has done to you! You are too skinny and tiny. Your father must be very worried about you!"

"My father? Who is my father? Where is he?" Natalie couldn't help asking.

Susie pushed Colin away. She dragged him and walked out of the ward together with him. She didn't stop until they reached the end of the corridor and asked, "Has the DNA test result come out? Raymond still doesn't believe it?"

"I think it will come out tonight. Raymond has been absent-minded since yesterday until I came to the hospital. It seems this news has a great impact on Raymond!"

"It's good if the result could come out as soon as possible, so that Nat can suffer less and will get recovered soon!"

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