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   Chapter 4 She's Your Daughter

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Sitting alone at the big dining table, Colin was having his breakfast. He said to Susie while munching, "Ah, does it really matter? It's just a breakfast. If you really eat it, Raymond won't be so stingy as to ask you to pay for it! Not mention you are still ill. You need some nutrition. How about a piece of toast?"

There was no response to Colin.

"Since you have decided to beg him, you are destined to have something to do with Raymond again in the future. Now you have already owed him an appreciation to let you stay overnight. Later you'll ask him to save your daughter. Why does it matter if you owe him more? And if Raymond is really your daughter's father, he won't care about it as you would bring him such a big surprise! Don't worry. Raymond is very rich!"

Suddenly, Susie stood up and walked straight to Colin, pressing the fork in his hand.

Colin was a little stunned, and then smiled, "Have you thought it through? Do you want to have breakfast now? I'll ask Lucy to prepare for you!"

Colin released his hand and was about to call Lucy, but before he could shout out, Susie neatly inserted a whole piece of toast in the plate into his mouth!

Then Susie cleaned her hands in disgust. "You're are talking too much and the way too annoying!"

After saying that, she turned around and went back to that small corner, waiting quietly for Raymond.

Colin was choked by the toast and couldn't say a word. He tried his best to dig in his throat and spit it out. Then he took a sip of wine to smooth his throat and yelled at Susie, "You are so mean! You want to choke me to death? I cared about your hunger but what did you repay me? I don't care if you don't want to eat. Alas, all women are really good at kicking down the ladder after climbing! You never have conscience!"

Susie turned a deaf ear to him.

After the breakfast, Colin sat on the couch and played games on his phone. Only his excited screams were left in the house. Susie stayed in the corner as an invisible one.

After a long while, the sound of a car suddenly came from outside. Susie suddenly stood up and looked at the door expectantly.

Raymond's figure got off from the car. It was Susie's hope, all her hope!

Susie opened the door right away and rushed out without any hesitation.

As soon as Raymond got off the car, he saw the woman who made him heartbroken running towards him hopefully.

This scene overlapped that of many years ago. She always rushed to welcome him home after work in the past. For a moment, he had forgotten if he was still in the past or it was the present.

Susie stopped in front of him. Her face flushed and her breath was a little unstable. "You're finally back

! I've been waiting for you for a long time!"

Raymond was still in his memory illusion. He had thought that they had still been intimate, just like many years before.

He tried to reach out for her. However, Susie suddenly knelt down, which completely shattered his beautiful illusion.

The look in Raymond's dreamlike eyes became sober. He looked colder and colder. "What are you doing right now? Are you apologizing to me, begging me to forgive you, or asking me for something else?"

"Please, Raymond. Please save my daughter! She is in hospital now. The doctor said that she had leukemia and could live on for only two months! Only you can save her!"

Raymond's body was as frozen as ice. Even each cell in his body was trembling!

"She is your daughter. Why should I save her? Didn't you make an oath that you wouldn't have anything to do with me since then? Didn't you say that every penny I made is the blood of your whole family? You said all my money was dirty and wouldn't use a penny of mine. I remember it very well."

"I don't need your money! I can sell my house and my organs. I can raise 500, 000 dollars for her surgery! But I can't save my daughter's life even if I have money! The doctor said my daughter's blood type doesn't match mine. Her Rh blood type is very rare, and no matched bone marrow could be found all over the country."

It suddenly occurred to Raymond that this was his blood type!

"So you come to beg me to help your daughter change the bone marrow? Where is Nathan? Isn't he the father? Maybe his bone marrow could help."

"You are the only one I can think of!" Susie almost had an emotional flooding. "I know I shouldn't have appeared here. I shouldn't have come to you, and I don't want to be here either. But now I have no other choice! If you don't save her, we have no other solution. My daughter would definitely die!"

Raymond replied her coldly, "Does it have anything to do with me?"

After saying that, Raymond bypassed her and walked into the room. He said to a security guard at the gate, "Kick her out. Don't let her in again!"

"Yes, sir!"

The security guard came over at once and dragged her out.

"She is your daughter!"

Hearing that, the tall figure of Raymond suddenly paused. He turned around and strode to her, grabbing her shoulder. "What did you say? Come again!"

"I said Nat is your daughter! Raymond, how could you be so heartless? If she is not your daughter, why do you think I would come to beg you?" Susie cried out desperately, with tears all over her face.

They both were silent. Raymond couldn't react from hearing the shocking news, while Susie was still immersed in endless sadness and hopeless.

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