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   Chapter 3 Begging To See Raymond

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Susie was in a coma all night and didn't wake up until dawn. Finally, she woke up when the dazzling sunlight outside the window touched her face.

She didn't know how long it had been since she had such a good sleep. She had never slept so well since she became a mother.

Her daughter was a good girl. She didn't suffer much when giving birth to her, but the poor, sweet baby was diagnosed with leukemia when she was very little.

Thinking of her child who had suffered so much, Susie struggled to get up and walked out, despite the weakness of her body at the moment.

Standing at the bedroom door and looking at the outside world, she felt like she was still dreaming.

It turned out that this place, which she had dreamed of for so many years, had not changed in the slightest. It was exactly as she had dreamed of.

Unfortunately, the house no longer belonged to her. She had also sworn that she would never step in there again for the rest of her life!

But now, for the sake of her daughter's survival, she had to break her vow and come back to this place.

When Lucy, who was cleaning, saw her wake up and stand at the bedroom door, she rushed over and said cheerfully, "Ms. Susie, you finally woke up! If you were still in a coma, we would have to take you to the hospital!"

The hospital? She didn't know that she was so unwell.

"Where is Raymond?"

"Mr. Raymond has left."

"Where did he go?"

"He should be at his office in the company by now."

'In the company? Would he not come back until the end of the day? No! Nat is in danger. She needs the bone marrow transplant as soon as possible. She can't wait a moment longer!'

With that in mind, Susie turned around and rushed to the villa gate.

Suddenly, a languid voice came from the top of the spiral staircase. "If you step out of this gate now, I can guarantee that you will never have the chance to see Raymond again!"

Hearing that, Susie froze.

What he said made sense, after all. If she went away then, she would lose her chance to see Raymond face to face, and she wouldn't be able to come back a second time!

Turning back, she went to Colin's side, who came downstairs and was staring at her. Susie looked desperate and firm. "Please call Raymond and tell him to come back immediately! It's a matter of life and death. If he doesn't come back, he will definitely regret it!"

Colin asked curiously, "I really want to know what on earth happened to make you throw away your dignity and break your oath by coming to him again."

"For a very important person! He has never known about her existence all his life!"

Colin's eyes widened in consternation. "That child?"

Susie nodded.

Colin gasped, "Isn't that c

hild's father Nathan? I saw you and Nathan playing with that child many times. You were like a family of three!"

After thinking for a moment, Colin still felt it was impossible. "In the past, we did see you and Nathan... What the hell was going on? Are you lying?"

"I have no credibility in your eyes at all, do I? Even if I sometimes told lies, why would I lie about my daughter's life and death?"

Colin responded quickly, "Of course not. I didn't mean that! I just don't think it's possible! But in this case, I'll call Raymond right away! After all, it's between you and him."

Colin was still confused, but he didn't think that Susie was lying. Despite his uncertainty, he had no choice but to call his boss.

At that moment, Raymond was having a meeting in the conference room. His cell phone on the table suddenly lit up. With just a glance at the phone, he rejected the call without hesitation.

In the villa, embarrassed, Colin turned his head to look at Susie. He found that she had been looking at him eagerly.

Afraid that he would embarrass himself, he quickly edited a text message and sent it to Raymond. "You'd better answer the phone as soon as possible. There's an urgent matter in your house!"

After sending the message, Colin called him again.

As expected, Raymond answered the phone.

"Hey, big news. Do you want to know?"

Raymond said impatiently, "If it has something to do with that person, you don't have to tell me."


"Ah, it seems that my guess was right. Don't disturb this meeting again!"

"Hey, wait! Don't hang up yet! Although this matter has something to do with Susie, it concerns you even more! If you refuse to know, I can guarantee that you will spend the rest of your life in regret and pain!"

Raymond was speechless. What else could defeat him or bring him pain after all that had happened through those years?

"I'll go back home in an hour after the meeting."

After saying that, Raymond hung up the phone decisively.

Hearing the cold beeping sound on the phone, Colin was extremely relieved.

Would there be another live episode of the soup opera?

He turned around to Susie. "You will see Raymond in about an hour. Do you want something to eat? I haven't had breakfast yet!"

Susie cast a cold glance at him. Walking straight to the French window, she sat down alone. She wanted neither to talk to him nor to have breakfast with him.

Colin touched his nose and felt that his nose was definitely not as straight as before! The stubbornness of those two had given him some hard blows to the face!

"Lucy, I'm hungry. Please bring me some food for breakfast, would you?"

"Sure, Mr. Colin!" Lucy went briskly to the kitchen.

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