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   Chapter 2 Undisguised Emotion

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The heavy rain kept pouring through the whole night. Colin slept restlessly, and was suddenly woken up by the crash of a thunderbolt.

He glanced at his watch on the bedside table. It was only half past one in the early morning. He rubbed his eyes and thought of Susie who might still be kneeling outside. He got up and went to the window.

Looking outside, he saw that Susie had fainted. She had lain on the ground for who knew how long.

Colin was shocked and was about to walk out, but he saw a figure rush out faster than him. Despite the heavy rain, he picked up Susie, held her in his arms, and ran back inside.

Holding his arms, Colin couldn't help but tut, as if he was watching a soup opera in real life. He said to himself, "Aren't you being cruel? I know you can't pretend to be cruel to her for so long!"

He shook his head and sighed. Then he put some clothes on and went downstairs slowly.

It was already a mess downstairs. The chief servant Linda was calling the family doctor. Lucy walked into a guest's bedroom with a medicine box.

Leaning against the door, Colin couldn't help but chuckle when he saw the frown on Raymond's face.

After she put down the phone, Linda came over, but she was stopped at the door by Colin. She admonished him, "Mr. Colin, you're in the way!"

Hearing that, Raymond cast a sharp glance at him. Seeing that, Colin acted as if nothing had happened, and he stepped into the room slowly.

At that moment, Lucy was helping Susie to change her clothes. She had been soaked like a drowned mouse. Raymond growled to Colin in a low voice, "Get out!"

"Damn it!" Colin turned around quietly, but he didn't leave. He couldn't help but murmured,

"Poor Susie. I bet she has caught a cold. Does she have a fever? Alas, I've never seen such a cruel guy. How can he be so cruel to a former sweetheart? Obviously he has been worried to death about her, but he behaves like nothing has happened. Doesn't he feel any regret now? Oh, if I were Susie, I would have left him behind as well. Who could want such a cold-blooded man?"

"If you want to die, go ahead!"

Everyone trembled at the sound of his gloomy voice. Colin turned around with a smile. Since Lucy had finished changing clothes for Susie, he had nothing to hide.

"I just made some comments about what I saw! But look at you! Such a worried face! Why do you have to do this?"

Raymond didn't say anything. Instead, he frowned at the woman who was in a coma.

The family doctor came soon. He prescribed some medicine and instructed that the girl should drink more water. If her fever could be brought down after dawn, she would be fine. Otherwise, she would have to be sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

Raymond reminded Lucy to remember the doctor's instructions, and walked out of the room.

Colin had no idea what to do in such situation.

He could only sigh and go back to sleep.

Raymond locked himself in the room alone. The music of a violin from an antique gramophone echoed in the room. Several old photos were scattered on the ground beneath his feet.

The first time he met Susie was at the gate of this house.

On that day, he was playing the piano, while his parents were having the high tea.

Suddenly, there were noises outside the gate. His parents went out to see what was going on. He looked out of the window and saw a young woman with a little girl who was four or five years old. The young woman was talking to his parents about something with excitement. Then his mother slapped his father and turned away in tears. She packed her luggage and was about to leave the house with him.

But his father stopped her and begged her not to leave. He could foresee that the family would be broken as soon as his wife left. But how could a heartbroken mother listen to him? Insisting on taking Raymond away, she later filed for divorce.

A few days later, the verdict from the court was released. His father kept him, with half of his property, and his mother stayed overseas since then.

Not long after, his father married a new wife. His new wife was that woman who appeared in front of the gate with a little girl. That little girl was Susie, who became his younger sister...

But at that time, Susie's surname was not Su but Lin. Raymond, on the other hand, was Frank Lin, not yet Raymond Leng.

In those early years, Susie would follow him around and call him "brother" in a sweet voice.

But Susie was not his blood sister, which he didn't know until he was 18 years old.

From that time on, his life underwent a tremendous change.

He went from being the young master of a rich family to an attempted rapist overnight. He was sentenced to ten years in prison. His father died of a heart attack in the same year he went to prison. With all the property of the Lin family, his stepmother married a member of the Su family. They were the number one enemy of the Lin family. From then on, the Lin family completely disappeared from the business battlefield.

It was also at that time that Susie Lin became Susie Su. She was just 12 years old then.

No one could imagine how he got through his ten years in prison. He lost all his best years there. However, during that time, Susie led a very happy life!

With all the wealth of the Lin family taken, Susie and her mother were living in heaven. And he himself was in hell!

'Susie, what right do you have to hate me? You haven't suffered even one-tenth of the pain I've experienced. How dare you?

Don't you remember what happened that year? Have you forgotten your brother Frank Lin? How else could you be so sad about what I have done? How could you hate me so much?

Susie, I never did anything wrong. Do you understand?'

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