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   Chapter 1 Begging In The Rainy Night

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It was a stormy night in Amber City. The wind blew fiercely and rain fell in torrents. A young woman was soaked to the skin while she struggled with the security guards outside the rich neighborhood of Silk Bay. Even though the rain was pouring and the wind was blowing hard, her distressed cries could be heard from a distance.

"Please let me in. It's a life-and-death matter. We can't wait any longer! Please!"

"I'm sorry, Miss, but we've never seen you before. We can't allow strangers to come in!"

"I'm an old friend of Mr. Raymond. He lives here. Please tell him I'm Susie Su. He will know who I am and why I'm here!"

"Alright, Miss Su. Please wait here for a moment. I'll go check with him right now."

Susie Su was shivering with cold in the pouring rain. Every house in this magnificent residential area was built as a detached villa. Every family who stayed there was either rich or noble. Susie Su's appearance didn't match the high status of this neighborhood at all. No wonder nobody believed her words.

Not long after the security guard went in, he came out with a message that brought despair to Susie Su's heart. "Miss Su, Mr. Raymond said he doesn't know a woman named Susie Su."

Those words struck her like a thunderbolt.

Raymond Leng had told the guard that he didn't even know a woman named Susie Su...

This sentence was like a sharp knife cutting through her heart!

But Susie Su couldn't give up so easily. Her daughter was lying in the hospital, desperately in need of treatment. She had to talk to Raymond Leng. He was her only hope!

She clenched her fists and was about to rush inside, but those well-trained security guards stopped her before she could take another step forward.

"Please let me in! I'm begging you! I must talk to Raymond!"

"Miss Su, I suggest that you don't waste your time anymore. Every month we have to drive out several women like you who want to marry a rich man! But you're not like most of them. They aren't usually as poor as you are!"

That was true. That neighborhood was so magnificent that Susie Su's clothes were completely out of place.

But who would believe the truth? As a matter of fact, five years ago, she herself was living in this magnificent neighborhood! At that time, Raymond Leng was the one who didn't belong there and wanted to get in!

Susie Su couldn't help but remember the conversation she had with her little daughter in the hospital. "Mom, am I dying?"

"Silly girl, you're only four years old. How could you possibly be dying? You will live long, like the grannies in the yard, until you are eighty or ninety years old!"

"But I heard from the nurse that my illness is incurable! They said I would be dead in two months."

Holding her skinny, weak, but still cute little daughter in her arms, Susie Su's heart was breaking. "Believe me, darling, I will definitely make sure you survive!"

"Yes, I trust you, Mom! Mom will protect me! After my illness is gone, I will go back to the kindergarten to play games with Miss Mia. There are many friends waiting for me to go back and play with them! Mom, I must live on! I want to be with Mom forever!"

Her daughter's pitiful words made tears well up on Susie Su's face.

But there was another burden on her mind, and it was even worse.

The cost of the surgery was almost 500,000 dollars

, which she couldn't afford at all. She would do anything to raise it for her daughter, no matter how much she had to pay.

She had been to her relatives one by one, begging them on her knees, but no one was willing to help her.

The bone marrow transplant that her daughter needed couldn't be found in the hospital, and her own bone marrow didn't match her daughter's.

One crushing despair followed another. She had to give up her dignity to come and beg this man despite the vow she had made before.

Raymond Leng was the only person in the world who could save her daughter now!

Holding a security guard's hand desperately, Susie Su kept begging, "Sir, please, I beg you. I have to see Raymond today. Please, please. Please let me in!"

The security guard pushed Susie Su away ruthlessly and stood at his position. He was bound to obey the company's rules and regulations, though he could see that she was different from other women and that she really had an emergency. After all, he was only a security guard, and he didn't make the rules.

In utter despair and helplessness, Susie Su gritted her teeth and knelt down on the hard ground, splashing herself in the water. She started to yell in despair,

"Raymond Leng, I know you are in there! Come out! I need you to come out! If you don't come out today, I will kneel here forever!

Raymond Leng, since you don't want me go in to see you, I'll wait here all day and all night. I know you won't stay in there all your life!"

Inside a well-decorated villa, Colin Meng was standing at a window. He could see the scene outside vaguely, and his eyes were touched with pity for the woman in distress.

It had been a long time since they last saw Susie Su. It was so long, in fact, that they thought her re-appearance was just an illusion. Despite living in the same city, these two young and strong-willed people had never met each other since their separation.

One of them had made an oath that she would never see him again until she died. The other one realized that he had done wrong, but he never looked back.

Colin Meng had thought that it would be better for those two stubborn young people not to contact each other anymore, so that at least they wouldn't hurt each other.

But based on what he saw now, it seemed that it was impossible for them to forget each other, and that they were still torturing each other bitterly.

Letting out a sigh, Colin Meng turned around and went upstairs.

In front of the huge French window on the second floor, a slender and lonely figure was hiding in the darkness.

Colin Meng didn't turn on the light, but walked directly behind him. "Sir, Ms. Susie..."

But he let his words trail off, because it was obvious that his employer, standing in that position, could clearly see what was happening outside.

"Let her kneel there! Hasn't she sworn an oath? She said that she wouldn't have anything to do with me!"

The man drank up the glass of wine in his hand, put the empty glass on the table casually, turned around, and went into his bedroom.

Colin Meng shrugged helplessly.

Well, since the two of them had such unshakeable stubbornness, he couldn't do anything about it as an outsider.

If they wanted to torture themselves, they could do it freely, as long as he still got his salary on time. It was bed time for him!

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