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   Chapter 58 His Confession

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3956

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Selena didn't know what she was saying at this moment. She was already too much traumatized by Alice's ghost, so at this moment, she was not aware of her surroundings, and she blurted out all her doings.

Selena has lost all her senses; she was not aware until now that Alice was alive; after her confession, few police officers arrived and took away Selena and her Mom.

Everyone was shocked to see that Mr. Morris didn't even try to protect his wife and daughter. Little did they know, he was already aware of doing his wife and daughter.

And he was never the man who would support wrong deeds.

Just as Selena was taken away, media reporter pounced on Alice and started asking questions "Miss Alice, when did you get married to Mr. Alex? Why was the news not out? Why was it not made official?"

Alice looked at Alex with a meaningful look, but said nothing, and started walking out of the church; it was good that Alex's bodyguards escorted her safely, protecting her from the reporters.

Just as she was about to step out of the church, a voice came from behind.

"You made me laugh; you made me smile."

"After I met you, I understood why people say love is blind.

this game.

Selena was sitting on the floor, there was a small window, through with sunlight was falling on her body.

Alice came into the hall, sat on the sofa which was in the middle of the hall, and was just in front of Selena.

When Alice sat on the sofa, Selena looked at her in hatred and said, "well, played Alice; I will not let this go."

Alice smiled viciously and said, "you still haven't learned your lesson?"

Selena glared at her angrily and asked, "do you think you can fool me by using some hologram stuff and putting Bluetooth speaker in my earings because of which only I can here you?"

Alice smiled from one corner of her mouth and said, "Brilliant Selena, but you are a little late, can't you see you have already lost everything……and your Alex as well."

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