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   Chapter 55 You escaped

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3969

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Selena was soon discharged from the hospital, as she didn't have any major health issues.

It was getting almost half a month, and Alex didn't find Alice.

Selena was getting impatient to move in with Alex.

She always felt that she was followed al the time, but she could never find anyone around.

Selena was not able to sleep at night; she felt that Alice's ghost was standing next to her bed.

After trying for almost a month, Selena was able to reach Alex via Joy's phone. When Alex was on call, Selena was very excited and forgot all about Alice, and she said in a happy tone but pouting her lips, "Alex, when are we gonna move in together?"

Alex didn't say anything and replied plainly, "you can move in tomorrow, in my old mansion."

Selena remembered that Alex use to stay with Alice in the ALN mansion, and she also heard that that mansion was close to Alex's heart, so she wanted to stay there, so she said, "Alex, why don't we move into ALN mansion?"

Alex frowned and said a few words, "I don't like going there anymore."

Selena was happy to hear that, she thought Alex hates Alice, so he doesn't want to go there where Alice had stayed.

She replied happi

n this mansion apart from the watchman at the gate.

Sitting down on the sofa, Selena saw the old lady dragging her luggage and entering the house; she shouted, "if you work so slow, how would I eat and sleep on time, move fast and make some juice for me."

The old lady nodded and went to the kitchen; soon, she brought fresh orange juice. Selena was satisfied with her service and smirked.

After having the juice, Selena felt a little dizzy; she thought it might be because she could not sleep properly, so she thought of going to her bedroom to rest.

But when she stood from the sofa she heard Alice's voice "Selena I am here for you, you must come with me" Selena froze in her movement, she immediately looked at the old lady thinking that she also might have heard the voice.

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