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   Chapter 53 You killed me

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3855

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Soon a laptop was placed on the center table, Alex started looking at the footage in reverse days starting from today, and he could see that Alice use to wake up every night after everyone was asleep and she will go to her Mom's bedroom.

She will sit next to her Mom's bed and watch her for longer as if she wanted to lock her Mom in her eyes. She will kiss her forehead before leaving the room every night.

Soon Alex got to know that she was awake from the day he had informed her about her Mom, but she pretended to be in a coma.

She didn't want to see him, and the day she left, he saw how easily she knocked down all his bodyguards with her swift moves.

She knew that she would not be able to defeat Alex, so she waited for the right time, and today she got the opportunity.

Understanding that Alice didn't want to be with him, he felt upset. But soon, he recovered and had a vicious smile on his face and mumbled to himself, "not this time, baby."

After Alice escaped Alex's house, the first thing she did was changing her hair color, at first, she had thought of leaving the city, but before she leaves, she had to settle the scores


Selena looked at him for few seconds before replying, she tried to hold herself and said: "I….I am fine I ..I just saw a bad dream."

Butler nodded and asked, "Young, Miss, if you need anything, please let us know."

This time Selena replied immediately, "yes…yes ….please send one maid to my bedroom and ask her to sleep on the sofa…I am a bit scared of my dream."

Even though Selena said she was scared of her dream, but she knew that it was not the dream, everything that happened in her bedroom was real.

She started thinking that 'it must be Alice's child whom she killed, that child is back for revenge.

That night Selena was not able to sleep at all. She felt like her ears were ringing with the words "your killed me, you are a murderer."

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