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   Chapter 52 Mistress ran away

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3932

Updated: 2020-07-13 20:44

Few more days passed, and soon it was the day of Alex's engagement. Alex was working from home all these days. He never left Alice's side, but today he had to go, so he had increased the security.

He went to the venue, there were many reporters already waiting for him, but today he looked in a hurry and just went inside the venue without giving any importance to the media.

When he entered the hall, he was welcomed by Selena; she was smiling ear to ear. She wore an evening gown; she looked beautiful.

She walked to Alex and hung on his arms, Alex greeted the guests, but he looked lost, he wanted to finish this and leave as soon as possible.

Soon they exchanged their rings. No one noticed that just after the even Alex removed the ring and threw it in the garbage.

Selena pulled him to the dance floor; he could not deny in front of everyone, so he danced for a few minutes.

As he was about to leave the dance floor, his phone started vibrating, he frowned seeing the number, and he picked the call immediately.

On the other side of the call was butler Simon, he said in trembling voice, "Master Mam, Mam, " he was stuttering.

Alex thought that Alice

tightly and said, "what do you mean?"

Mandy explained, "a person in a coma is very week, even after that person woke up they need time to recover, I am sure Alice was awake a long time ago."

Alex didn't believe Mandy and said, "how is it possible, I was on her side all the time."

Mandy replied, "you should check your CCTV, I am sure she was awake a long ago, she had planned it, why did she disappear only when you were not at home?"

Alex thought about it, and what Mandy said made a point that means Alice was awake a long ago, but she pretended to be in a coma waiting for the right time when he was not around.

Alex immediately ordered to bring the footage of the house; there was a camera at the main entrance and everywhere in the house apart from his bedroom.

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