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   Chapter 51 Take care of your Mom

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3747

Updated: 2020-07-13 20:44

Alice, in her dreams, smiled happily when her Dad agreed to take her away from all the pain, but her Dad continued, "My little child, I can take you with me but what about the people who hurt you, who killed my granddaughter you won't avenge her? You will let those people live a happy life?"

Alice looked hurt at the mention of her unborn daughter, and she said, "Dad, I don't want anything. I am tired of this life, and anyhow I have lost my daughter even if I avenge her, she won't come back I don't want to live now."

Her Dad said urgently, "my child, I agree with your point that your daughter would not come back but, who will look after your Mom?"

Alice was shocked to hear about her Mom as much as she knew her Mom was dead, she frowned and said: "But Dad…." Her Dad cut her off and said, "you have to take care of your Mom, " after saying this, he faded away in the air.

Alice sat there dumbfounded when she heard a familiar voice "Alice; baby come back we have got your Mom, please come back she is waiting for you."

Alex was sitting next to her on the bed and saying "Please come back baby, your Mo

ice came back, they would never let her go.

After so many years, Alice's mother had lost the hope of seeing her daughter, but one day a few men came and rescued her.

After telling her everything to Alex, she asked him, "Son, who are you, and why are you helping us?"

Alex hesitated to say that he was her son-in-law, and Alice is lying lifeless because of him, but he didn't want to lie Alice's Mom. He told her everything from the time they first met in Alaska registering their marriage and all the incidents that happened in the past.

At first, she was angry at Alex but seeing his painful expression she understood that his feelings for his daughter were true, she also knew that not everything was his fault, so she forgave him.

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