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   Chapter 50 We got her

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3744

Updated: 2020-07-12 13:28

Mandy came to the bedroom, and he ran a checkup on her, then he turned to Alex and said: "If she does not wake up soon we might lose her, Mr. Williams it seems like she doesn't want to come back, she is disappointed with life, you need to give her some reason to live, only that can bring her back to life."

Alex heard him, and he knew very well what he needs to do, another few days passed.

Alex was sitting next to Alice, and he saw her frowning and if she was dreaming something bad.

Alice was dreaming of the day in the hospital when she woke up in pain; she saw Selena standing with her mother next to her bed.

The moment they saw Alice had opened her eyes, Selena said, "So now as you can see, Alex is done with you, he asked the doctor to abort your child."

Alice replied painfully, "No, Alex would never do that, he loves me, we are married he wanted this child more than me."

Selena laughed like she heard some joke and said: "you really believed that drama he played, he has done that with many girls, and especially the girl who is not easy to get, he feels challenged and does anything to get

; you should not talk like this, but if you are not happy, I agree to take you with me."

In real life, Mandy was panicking and said "her pulse is sinking, we might lose her" saying this he almost cried.

For the first time in his life, Alex didn't know what to do; if God can exchange his life for Alice's life, he would do it without thinking.

Just at that moment, Joy entered the room without knocking; his expressions were saying that he succeeded in something which he was trying hard for long.

He walked to Alex and saw his boss's expression and thought that he got this information on time. In the room only was the one who had a calm expression; others were panicking.

He said to Alex without delaying "President we got her"

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