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   Chapter 49 Will you forgive me

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3764

Updated: 2020-07-12 13:27

After crossing the corridor, Alex entered the hall, walked to the big wing chair and sat like a king, emitting a horrifying aura, and saying in a cold tone, "bring him."

Just within a minute, an injured man was kneeling in front of him. Alex leaned towards him and asked, grinding his teeth, "tell me everything."

The person kneeling in front of Alex was the doctor who had aborted Alice's child, he said in a trembling voice, "Believe me, being a doctor, I don't want to do that…that lady was begging me to save her child ..but if I didn't do what they said ..they would have killed my family..they had kidnaped my family; you can check my phone. They had shared a photo of my family…"

"Please, I beg you, let me go …I have a family …I have my kids waiting for me, " he cried badly, leaning on Alex's legs.

Alex stood from his seat and walked out, going out he said to Joy "check his phone and investigate what he said is correct or not and pull out the CCTV footage of the hospital of that day."

Alex went back home, he spent his whole time with Alice in the bedroom, and would not talk much to her, but he was s

ime, but you were not there for her" saying this Dylan stood up and left the study room.

Dylan's words were ringing in his head. Dylan was right; he had to trust Alice; even if she aborted the child, they would have talked about it, but what he did was unforgivable and that too when you claim to love the person but not trust in them.

Alex came back to his bedroom, sat next to Alice, and said, taking her hands in his hands, "will you ever forgive me?"

One month had passed, but there was no sign of Alice waking up, nor was she responding to the medicine.

Mandy came to see Alice; at first, Alex didn't allow him because of his jealousy, but later, he allowed thinking that Mandy was the person who saved his Alice, so he allowed him.

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