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   Chapter 48 Countdown had began

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3817

Updated: 2020-07-09 20:18

Alice still didn't respond to him, and soon it was dark. Mandy asked Alex to have dinner with him, but Alex denied and sat next to Alice on her bed.

Only God knows how badly he wanted to take her in his arms. He sat on the bed the whole night, looking at her face with a lot of care and passion.

This face he was dying to see, the face which had become his life, the face because of which he can breathe, the face, because of which he learned what love is, the face which he had searched for seven years.

He already had his revenge plan, but now he felt like he had the double energy and motivation to go ahead, although Alice is not awake, he is sure he can bring her back to life.

Mandy came in the room, followed by the maids holding breakfast; he said, "Mr. Williams, I understand your concerns for Alice but, you, not taking care of yourself, will not bring her back to life."

Alex stood slowly from the bed, putting Alice's hand on the bed gently and said, "Mr. Scott, I want to take Alice back to NY."

Mandy immediately denied "no way, they were behind her life, and the moment they knew about her existence they might a

hanged his clothes.

He had his dinner in his bedroom only. The bed in the room was big enough for four to five people. Alex slept next to Alice, holding her hand.

After so long, he slept peacefully; he needed this sleep because, from tomorrow, bad time will start for all those who tried to mess his life.

The next morning, Alex got ready and left his bedroom after kissing Alice's forehead and saying, "Baby, I will be back soon."

He dialed Joy's number and asked, "Is he there?"

Joy replied, "yes, President, we are waiting for you."

Alex replied calmly, "I am on my way" and hung up the call.

In some time, Alex reached an abandoned place and entered a dungeon followed by a dark corridor, and his men were at every corner of the area.

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