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   Chapter 47 Can’t make it without you

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3949

Updated: 2020-07-09 20:17

After a long wait, his flight landed on the lands of England, Alex off boarded the flight and entered his Bentley, which was already waiting for him surrounded his bodyguards.

Alex was anxious about how he will face Alice, how he will control himself if Alice is with Mandy now, and they are couples. His heart was not ready to accept that Alice would allow anyone else in her heart apart for him.

'She has waited for him for such a long period; she won't give on him'. Alex was praying internally, trying to console himself.

After one and a half hours' drive, they reached the location where Mandy was hiding.

It was a huge villa, Alex's men surrounded the villa, and Joy rang the bell while Alex was waiting with his hands in his pants pocket.

An old woman opened the door; Alex asked arrogantly, "where is Mandy? Call him right away, " saying this; he entered the living room, followed by Joy and his bodyguards.

Before the elderly lady could reply anything, Mandy came out of his study with some books in his hands; he was startled to see Alex standing in front of him.

Alex took long strides towards Mandy, pinned him to the wall, grabbed his neck, and asked…???" no word came out of his mouth.

Mandy said, "Her accident was major and on top of that her forceful abortion both of these injuries were not treated at all and by the time we got her she has lost a lot of blood, she hardly manages to tell Dylan what she suffered and fainted. And after that, she never woke up".

"We have treated all her wounds, but it seems like the wounds on her body were not deeper than her heart and brain, she doesn't want to wake up again, she hardly responds the medicines".

Alex turned to Alice, took her lifeless hand in his hands, and said, "Baby, please wake up. I promise we will make their life living hell who did this to us, and after that, you can punish me the way you want, but please wake up baby…I can't make it without you".

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