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Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3813

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Selena was in a spa when she got a call from the mysterious man, she waved the staff to leave her alone, and she picked the call and said proudly "I know you called me to congratulate."

The person on the other side said arrogantly, "don't forget you are still not close to him. I want you to get pregnant as soon as possible."

Selena smiled viciously and said, "I had asked for six months, and I am already close to my Alex, and I will be Mrs. Williams soon, and you will get what you want."

The mysterious man said, "I don't have to do anything with your marriage and don't forget who your body belongs; even if you become his wife, you have to warm my bed and meet me tonight at our old location" and he hung up the call.

Selena smirked and mumbled, "I know you can't stay away from my body."

Selena went to a luxuries hotel and entered in a room using the key card.

The moment she entered the room, she was pinned to the wall, and the man started kissing her wildly and said, "We will be together once we get what we want, " and they had a passionate night.

It's been a month, but still no success in Alice's location.

ery angry, she might deny talking to him or seeing him, but he was sure he would not give up nor today nor in the future.

He will tell her; he never cheated her. Someone framed them.

He will assure her that the people who did all this will pay for what they have done.

It was almost eight hours' journey from NY to England, but Alex felt it like it was eighty hours.

He felt like he had some superpowers who just ported him to Alice's place, so he would not have to wait for so long. This wait was killing him.

He didn't sleep nor eat anything during the flight. Joy saw him getting this impatient from the time Alice has been part of his life.

Otherwise, he was always calm, collected, and cold all the time no matter what the situation was

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