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   Chapter 31 Drooling over his wife

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3785

Updated: 2020-06-26 19:09

It took Alex almost two-three days to coax Alice, she didn't allow him to touch her, not even her nails.

He took some tips from Joy and took Alice to an ice- cream parlor and treated her ice- cream party after that only her anger subsided.

Soon it was the day of the business party Selena has mentioned, in which Alex was in no mood to go, but he got a call from Mrs. Morris to pick Selena from home for the party.

Mr. Morris didn't like the idea of forcing Selena and Alex together when Alex was already married but his wife and daughter were on a different mission.

Alex didn't have any choice so he thought that he will go early and leave early, without letting Alice know and as these kinds of meetings don't allow media so it will not be much problem.

He went to his office lounge and changed in a black Armani suit, he looked handsome and charming.

He picked Selena from her home and headed to the location, throughout the drive to the party venue, Alex didn't speak to Selena a single word and he was busy in his work.

Once they reached the party, everyone welcomed them warmly.

For them, they were couple

them but when he heard the name he frowned and turned immediately and his eyes almost popped out of his socket.

He saw all the men drooling over his beautiful wife. He was so angry when he saw her bareback and her sexy legs, he wanted to kill every man available in the hall at this moment.

Mandy held Alice's hand gently and entered in the hall, they started chatting with different people, Alice ignored Alex as if he was not present there and it was killing him.

Selena tried to cheer Alex and pull his attention from Alice but she failed miserably.

Mandy came in front of Alex and extended his hands saying "Mr. Alexander Williams, its honor to meet you"

Alex shook his hands with Mandy but his fire emitting eyes were stuck on Alice.

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