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   Chapter 30 Jealous

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3981

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It was none other than Selena, but she was with her parents. So Alex had to put a formal expression.

He respected Mr. Morris, Selena's Dad, he was a nice man. Alex always thinks about how a nice person like him got a scheming daughter and wife like these.

Mr. Morris shook hands with Alex and said "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Williams" after shaking hands with Alex he turned to Alice and continued "May I have to pleasure to be introduced to this beautiful angel?"

Alex smiled and replied "Ya sure Mr. Morris, she is my wife Alice Williams" Mr. Morris was a little shocked hearing this because as much as he remembers Selena told him that Alex wants to marry her but the fact was Alex never gave any official statement on their engagement.

Mr. Morris understood that all this was from his daughter's side. Alex was not interested in her

Mr. Morris is a gentleman, not vicious like his wife and daughter. He liked Alice she seems a good girl so he said "Mr. Williams if you don't mind today's dinner from my end to welcome Mrs. Williams in our circle"

Alex nodded positively, he didn't want to deny to Mr. Morris and it was just a dinner.

All settled on a big table, Alex ma

He tried to pull get close to Alice but she said in a stern tone "Don't you dare touch me"

Alex tried to coax her "Baby, it was not my mistake she was holding my hand"

Alice turned over to face him with burning eyes and said "Tony tell me one thing, what if a guy holds my hands the same way Selena was holding your hand"

Alex got angry and said "I will chop off his hands" Alice immediately replied "so you should be thankful that I didn't chop off your hands and that Selena's hands" saying this she turned around and covered herself in the comforter and slept.

Alex on the other side of the bed was cursing Selena for spoiling his night he had planned many things to do with Alice but now he was not allowed even to touch her but he was happy also seeing her being jealous.

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