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   Chapter 28 Imperial Knights

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3614

Updated: 2020-06-25 19:26

The moment her eyes were opened Alex said in husky tone "baby you look very sexy after getting up from your sleep"

Alice immediately pushed him and said in a stern voice "Tony, don't touch me or I will kill you"

Alex smiled mischievously and said in innocently tone "baby, I was just complimenting you, what are you thinking?"

Alice was almost ditched by his innocent look and thought the 'was she really thinking too much? And Tony really didn't have any naughty thoughts?'

Looking at her busy in her thoughts Alex smiled evilly and said "let's have lunch together in our room, I will take you out for dinner"

Hearing that they will go out for dinner she jumped in happiness and hugged Alex tightly.

'This was his Alice she gets happy with small things, she doesn't want expensive gifts from him, she just wants his time, as long as he is with her, she is happy' thought Alex

He thought how much his life had changed after Alice came to his life, earlier he just wanted to work all the time, and coming back home was never his priority but now, from the time he

are doing in the mafia world, or who owns that gang?"

Dylan replied seriously "it's very strange big bro, they are not at all active in the mafia, in fact, no one knows about such gang but I have found their name and they call themselves Imperial Knights and their members have a tattoo of IK on back of their neck"

"They don't have any activity in mafia it looks like they are not fighting for a place in the underworld, they have some different targets"

Alex nodded thinking seriously. After chatting for some more time Dylan left.

When Alex came back to the living room he saw Alice sleeping on the sofa, he smiled seeing her, he went close to her and picked her up in his arms and went to their bedroom.

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