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   Chapter 27 Might be murdered

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3847

Updated: 2020-06-24 18:35

Alice was tired because of the rough exercise from yesterday night so she dozed off in Alex's arms.

Soon butler Simon informed him that Joy is here, he gently kept Alice's head on the pillow kissed her forehead, and went out.

He asked butler Simon to bring Joy to his study.

After Joy entered in the study Alex asked him for further updates and Joy started reporting hi "President, as per the investigation done till now we found that the people who are behind Mam, they are looking for some kind of key"

"And they believe that you have given that key to Mam"

"President, we have found out that these people have formed a gang exactly the same year when your parents died and all the tragedy happened to Mam"

Alex: "What about Dylan's report"

Joy: "He had sent it, as per his report Mam's Dad was a very noble and humble person and he didn't have any enemy all, people loved him as mayor so there are no chances of him having enemy, these started after you left Alaska"

"We are sure that they are behind a key, they use to torture Mam for that key but she never told them either she was protecting the key or maybe she herself wa

thought that he forgot all his worries.

Having a baby with Alice was like adding more and more happiness to his world, they will be family his family, his wife, his daughter. He was suddenly in a good mood.

He asked Simon to prepare their lunch in their bedroom only. After that he snuggled into the bed and pulled Alice in his arms and slowly caressed her soft cheeks and said slowly "baby, it's time to get up, let's have lunch together"

Alice frowned and said in almost baby voice pouting her lips "Tony I want to sleep more"

He kissed on her pouted lips and said "baby its lunchtime how much you will sleep, come on get up" and then he kissed her both the eyes one after another, after that Alice slowly opened her eyes and saw Alex's smiling face.

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