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   Chapter 25 I will stay with you

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3643

Updated: 2020-06-23 18:32

Alice tried to get down from his body but he held her tightly. Alice said "let me go, Tony, I can walk"

He leaned towards her ears and said "believe me, baby, you won't be able to walk tomorrow morning" Alice was so shy that her whole face turned red life tomato and she tried to avoid his intense gaze by hiding her face in his neck.

Alex love to see her like this, he was missing this Alice, that cold Alice would give him a hard time. She was like an icy queen, who doesn't have a heart in her body.

His Alice was always like this, she will get shy with small gestures. He was happy that he was able to bring back his Alice.

Soon they reached their bedroom.

Alex gently laid her on the bed and hovered over her to kiss her but she stopped him by putting her hands on his chest "you had dinner?"

Alex smiled evilly and said "No, but now right now I will have it" and after completing the statement he started kissing her passionately, soon their clothes were on the floor.

Alice was still trying to stop him, she thought that he should eat his dinner first so she said "

r her father's death, he was also part of the plan" replied Joy

Alex replied "ok, bring the report to my home tomorrow and manage the office for tomorrow, I will not be in the office tomorrow" and he hung up the call.

Joy heard the beep sound and sighed, he thought for a moment 'boss don't you sleep at night, at least sleep now when you have your beloved woman in your arms and let us also sleep'

Alex came back into the room after completing his smoke; he snuggled in the bed and tried to sleep hugging Alice tightly.

While seeing her delicate face, he mumbled "tomorrow, I will stay with you and also I want to know how much do you remember after that accident"

He kissed her forehead and slept peacefully.

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