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   Chapter 24 Ghost in the house

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 4126

Updated: 2020-06-23 18:31

Alex sat on the chair like a king in the main office of security and asked the in-charge person to show the footage of the main gate.

He first wanted to confirm if she left the mansion, for his relief she has not left the mansion.

After that, he personally started scanning all the cameras in the house, but Alice was last seen leaving the bedroom but after that, she was not visible in any footage.

Alex understood that she was hiding purposely in the house by using the blank spots of the CCTV camera so that no one can find her in this big house.

Alex knew that she was angry with him for not calling or messaging her in the past two days that's why she is taking revenge.

He knew very well that if he starts looking for her this big house, it will easily get the next morning.

An old incident flashed in his mind and he smiled evilly.

He came back to the living room and asked Simon to bring one of his lady bodyguards; her specialty was her flexible body as if she doesn't have bones in her body.

Once that lady was standing in front of Alex bowing her head down, he gave her some orders and asked Simon to cut out the lights of the whole house.

Alice was hiding in one of the rooms of the mansion, suddenl

laugh out loud, he said while patting her back slowly "baby there is no ghost in the house, see the women is here about whom you are talking, she works for me"

She was not ready to lift her head from his neck and said in cracking voice "Ho…how can a ghost work for you"

At this moment he was not able to hold his laughter and laughed out loud and said "Baby first lift your head and see, I am here no one can do anything to you"

Alice slowly lifted her head and saw the woman, she was still standing in that scary position but the moment Alice looked at her she started changing her position back to normal.

At that time Alice relieved than her attention went on the position she was in, and she tried to get down from Alex's body but this time he holds her tightly and started walking towards their bedroom.

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