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   Chapter 23 Evil idea

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3999

Updated: 2020-06-22 15:39

It's been a week, they have been together.

Alex takes a lot of care of Alice, she is recovering fast.

Today Alex was leaving for four days business trip; he has tightened the security before leaving.

He had advised Simon to take special care of Alice, till he returns. He wanted to take Alice along with him but the doctor had suggested that it might be not good for health.

So he dropped the plan of taking her with him. But he was determined to complete his work as early as possible and come back.

Alice was feeling upset to separate from him but she also thought that she could not tie him up with her all the time.

After breakfast, Alex left kissing her forehead.

Alice spent her day watching TV or roaming in the garden, it was really hard to spend time without him beside her.

It was night, but Alex didn't call once also after landing. The whole day she thought of calling him but she was scared if she might disturb him.

At this moment she was lying on her bed, after thinking for long she dialed his number. His phone was ringing but no one responded to the call.

She felt upset and kept the phone on the side table and tried to sleep.

The night without Al

rked day and night to finish his 4 days' work in two days. He loosened his tie and asked Simon "where is she?" while removing his over court and handing it over to Simon.

Simon replied "Master, she had early dinner and went back to her room. Alex frowned and asked, "you informed her that I am coming today?"

Simon nodded positively.

Alex walked towards the stairs to reach his bedroom, but when he opened the door he was welcomed with silence.

The room was empty and even the bathroom was also not in use. He frowned tightly and went back to the living room and called Simon and asked "where is she?"

Simon looked confused and said "Master, my lady went back to her bedroom after dinner"

Alex rushed towards the security room, where he can access the CCTV footage of the house.

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