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   Chapter 22 Wedding night

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3883

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Alex was walking towards the lift in the house holding her hand, Alice was in confusion so she asked "Tony where are we going?"

He just turned and smiled and continued to walk.

Alice knows he is not the person who speaks much but sometimes it irritates her. Back in time also she will talk a lot but he will keep just smile occasionally and reply sometimes.

But now he is still better than the past, he speaks a few more words. Little did she know that few words were spoken with her only, for others he was still a person who talks point to point

Once they were inside the lift, he took out a black silk cloth from his pocket and blindfolded her.

She was a little shocked and asked "Tony what are you doing?" he just said "sssshhhh just trust me" in her years and hold her waist tightly.

In a few minutes, they reached the rooftop of the mansion.

Alex slowly helped her to walk out of the lift and made her walk ten steps and opened her blindfold.

She was mesmerized by the beautiful view in front of her eyes.

There was a transparent glass house decorated with fresh flowers, balloons were floating on the water in the swimming pool. Th

ing the twinkling stars "I loved it Tony; it will always be in my heart as the best memories"

Alex immediately kissed her, but stopped himself suddenly; thinking about her health after that he pulled her in his arms and said "now let's sleep".

It didn't take much time for Alice to doze off, her body was still recovering and she feels tired often nowadays so she slept immediately in arms of her love.

When Alice is in his arms, he feels the comfort that he had never felt.

Although people say that the most peaceful place in the world is your mom's arms but his mom was always cold towards him from his birth to her death, he never knew the reason.

So when he hugs Alice he feels like he forgets all his worries, business tensions and can sleep peacefully.

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