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   Chapter 21 Dream house

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3837

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Before she could say anything more, he put his index finger on her lips and said in an intimidating tone looking straight in her eyes "Alice, listen to it for the first and last time, I was never engaged to Selena, my uncle wanted me to marry her and that's how the rumors started I was sure to marry you from start, so I never care and bothered myself to clear the rumors"

At this moment their eyes were stuck to each other, she didn't even notice when a black wall divided the car and people in the front seat cannot see them.

Alex slowly approached her and started kissing her soft red lips gently, like her lips were the sweetest candy in the world.

She also didn't push him; as if she can feel his love, his gentleness. Just when she was about to go out of breath he left her lips and slowly and gently kissed her jawline, then her collar bone and neck.

He felt the shiver in her body; he smiled lightly seeing his effect on her and he liked it. But he stopped himself; he knows her body is still weak; he will have to hold his desires.

Because when it comes to Alice's body he goes out of control, that night when Alice was drugge

get ready and this is the dress" and they handed over a dress to Alice.

Alice smiled at them and nodded after that both the maids bowed and left.

Alice took a bath and wore the dress; it was a golden fishtail dress, showing all her curves perfectly.

Just when she was done wearing the dress Alex opened the door from outside and the view in front of him, made his throat dry.

He walked faster and hugged her from behind and whispered in her ears "sweetheart, I am regretting buying this dress for you"

Alice frowned and turned back and asked "why you didn't like it?"

"I am not able to control myself" he replied huskily leaning in her ears.

Alice's ears turned red, he saw it and kissed her ears gently and hold her waist and said "let's go"

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