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   Chapter 20 Dig out everything

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3931

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After a few minutes, Dylan was standing in front of Alex smiling.

Alex straight away came to the point and said "I want you to investigate Alice's family's background, especially on her Dad; I know he was a nobleman, but dig out all the details"

"I want to know any enemies he had, who can harm him or his family, every small detail nothing should be missed"

After saying that he stood and was about to leave when Dylan said in a serious tone "is something wrong with Alice?"

Alex didn't turn back and said "you will know soon, for now, your investigation, the sooner the better" and saying this he left.

When Alice woke up in the morning, she was alone, she felt disappointed but she also wanted to accept the fact that Tony can never be her, he is an engaged man.

Also, she is no-one when compare to Alex's status.

Two-three days passed but Alex didn't come to see her, Joy would always bring her food and there were two muscular bodyguards on the door to protect her.

Today was the day of her discharge, she thought Alex had already agreed for her suggestion of staying away from each other so he didn't show up for all these days.

She changed her c

nd completed the formalities; Alex signed his name in marriage certificate enthusiastically but Alice was hesitating.

Seeing this Alex hold her waist tightly and whispered in her ears "Alice my baby, believe me, you don't have any other option"

She glared at him, although she had made her mind accept that Alex does not belong to her, but her heart was not ready to accept it and she also didn't know when her body moved and gave herself to Alex for a lifetime by signing the marriage certificate.

They got their marriage certificate and walked out of the registrar's office.

Alex was feeling very happy today, but he was good at hiding his expressions. So no-one knew his emotions

Alice sat in the car and asked "why you did this? You are already engaged to Selena"

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