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   Chapter 19 I will make my action speak

Only mine forever By Angela Characters: 3802

Updated: 2020-06-18 18:51

Alex heard her word to word but didn't say anything and continued working.

After not getting any reply from him, she thought that he agreed with her statement. It pained in her heart but she tried to control her emotions, she again lay back on the bed and turned her back towards Alex.

Her eyes were teary but she tried her best not to cry but her tears rolled down her cheeks. She cried silently.

After fighting for very long with her thoughts she dozed off.

It was almost midnight when Alex finished his work, he went to her bed and slipped inside the comforter and pulled Alice gently her in his arms.

She hugged him back and slept in his arms as if it was the best and most comfortable place in the world.

He looked at her face and mumbled "I will make my action speak you can never leave me"

Both were sleeping peacefully, but all of sudden Alex felt Alice's body moving, trembling and she was mumbling "I don't know where the key is, please don't beat me, and please don't do anything to my Mom"

She was continuously mumbling these words her forehead had a thin layer of sweat, Alex tried to wake her up "Alice,

anding in front of him with an emotionless face.

At first, he was not able to believe it, so he massaged his eyes twice but the person in front of him neither moved nor disappeared.

Dylan stood up abruptly from the bed and was about to hug Alex and said "good morning big bro, what can I do for you"

Alex turned back towards the door and said coldly "get dressed, meet me in three minutes in the living room"

Dylan felt like kicking Alex's ass, but he knows very well then she should not even think about it.

He turned to go to the bathroom when he saw the naked girl still sleeping peacefully, he called his butler and said "kick this shit out" pointing at the women.

After that he ran to the bathroom, he knew he cannot anger the devil.

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