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   Chapter 8 The First Kiss Was Snatched Away

Attracted: A Love Game By Jun Shangye Characters: 10080

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"Beauty, you are so sexy!" Holding the woman beside him, Jeremy suddenly heard his phone ringing in the suit bag on the sofa.

Jeremy stood up reflexively, which made the woman beat him discontentedly. He winked at her ambiguously and pointed at the corner of her mouth, indicating her to be quiet. There was no one else who would come to him so late except his capricious Mr. Luo.

He took out his phone and saw the message from Ryan as he expected. It read, "What's the relationship between Miss Diana and Rock Mu?"

Jeremy rolled his eyes and thought to himself, 'you've already made him suffer a lot. Why do you still care about their relationship?'?

Suddenly, Jeremy thought of Diana's "uncle" and felt serious. He replied, "Mr. Luo, please wait a moment. I'll ask Murphy to check it out."

Although the Makino group was a little famous, it was not a big deal in A city where rich people gathered. Naturally, the Luo group would not pay too much attention to the Mu clan. But Murphy was different. He opened A message agency and earned a living by selling news. There was nothing he didn't know there, so he was sure to ask him.

Jeremy immediately called Murphy, and the latter roared, "Do you know what time it is, Mr. Tang? It's so late. You'd better have a good reason! " The woman's groan was faintly heard.

Jeremy glanced at the sexy beauty on the bed who was waiting for his pity and said gloomily, "the Luo group has a project to cooperate with Changde company in B city. I'm going to send Mindy to evaluate Changde company first."

Mindy was the accountant of the Luo group. She was an orphan once funded by Mr. Ted. Of course, she was now Mrs. Jiang.

There was a silence on the other end of the phone for about five seconds, and suddenly came the affectionate voice of Murphy, "Oh, it's you, assistant Tang. I was sleepwalking just now. Don't mind. It's so late. What's wrong with you?" Murphy's attitude changed suddenly.

Mr. Jiang, where is your dignity?

Jeremy rolled his eyes," What's the relationship between Diana Ning and the Mu clan?"

Diana had been in the Mu clan for more than a year, but she hadn't learned any other skills. She was good at reading people's faces. After hanging up the phone, Ryan's face was gloomy. She felt that something was wrong. Moreover, the car was getting farther and farther away. She was very frightened.

'Is he going to kill me and throw me in the wilderness?'

The more she thought about it, the more scared she became. She couldn't help but squeeze towards the door of the car, as if she could ensure her safety this way.

Ryan saw this, and the look on his face became even more gloomy. In fact, he didn't know why he was so angry when he heard that this woman had married Charles Mu, as if he suddenly found out that the thing he liked was someone else's. He even wanted to strangle her.

"Why are you hiding so far away? Am I a monster? " He said resentfully and took the opportunity to hold her petite body into his arms.

Well, this woman didn't look very beautiful, but her small body was very soft and comfortable in her arms. While thinking, Ryan pinched her shoulder unconsciously, and his anger finally dissipated.

Because of this, the car was driving in a crooked way. For several times, it almost hit the guardrail, which was a dangerous cliff!

Diana was furious. She was sure that Mr. Luo was a bandit. How could he take advantage of her in the car?

She didn't even dare to struggle, fearing that he would drive the car into the sea at the bottom of the cliff.

She was so angry that she said with a cold face, "Mr. Luo, if you don't want to live, I want to live. Please drive carefully!"

Looking at her pale face, Ryan didn't embarrass her this time. He loosened his grip on her and started the car steadily.

Diana breathed a sigh of relief and touched his arm, as if it could remove the touch he had just brought. She quietly moved her buttocks, trying to stay away from the demon. The unknown perfume on his body made her uncomfortable.

However, as soon as she moved, he looked at her coldly and said, "try to dodge again?"

Diana was about to cry. Besides, she was married. Was it appropriate?

She trembled all the way. When the car stopped, Diana felt that she was about to collapse, but she knew that the matter was not over, and it was just the beginning. She didn't know what kind of method this man was waiting for her.

She pretended to be relaxed and leaned against the back of the chair, but secretly carefully observed the surrounding environment, and found that this bully took her to the seaside.

There were very few people here. If he raped her or killed her, and then threw her into the sea. There were no traces left, and even her corpse would not be found.

He was so bad!

But she was not a person who would yield to fate. As long as she met one or two kind-hearted people who would not help the evildoer, she would be saved.

Diana kicked off her high heels quietly and w

aited for an opportunity to move. When Ryan unlocked the door, she opened the door quickly and jumped out in one go. Then she ran quickly to the seaside and shouted loudly, "help! Help!"

As far as she knew, many people had the habit of swimming at night, hoping that she would be lucky enough to meet them.

At first, Ryan was shocked by her agile figure. Then seeing her running towards the sea desperately, he couldn't help but get angry. He asked himself whether he was a demon who could eat people or a pervert who specialized in torturing women. As for making her willing to lose her life instead of being with him?

Mr. Luo, who had always been domineering, had never thought that what he did today was no different from killing maniac and rapist.

However, even though he was angry, he was still worried when he saw that Diana was getting closer and closer to the sea. It was the rising tide now. The woman who was born without brain would be drowned by the sea if she was not careful enough.

He cursed in a low voice, kicked off the shoes on his feet, took off his coat, loosened his tie, and chased after her desperately. "Bitch, stop! It's dangerous ahead!"

However, Diana wouldn't listen to him. She only knew that this bastard was chasing after her, and she would be dead if he caught up with her, so she ran more quickly.

Damn it! Why was there no one on the beach? Not to mention the people who were swimming at night, they didn't even see the two lovebirds who were cheating on each other. Was God going to kill her?

The more she thought about it, the more frightened she became. Diana kept her head down and rushed forward, not knowing that a wave was coming at her like a beast with a big mouth.

She didn't notice that, but Ryan saw it. At this time, he was not far away from her. He could only shout, "Diana!" Diana was instantly swallowed up by the waves.

Looking at the bare beach in front of him, Ryan got flustered for no reason, but he didn't give up. He still rushed up at the risk of waves again. He kept searching the sea, hoping to see the figure of Diana.

Fortunately, not long after, her weak cry for help came from the sea, "help... Help! "

Hearing that, Ryan was overjoyed. He felt that it was more difficult than death in the past ten seconds.

"Hold on. I'll be right there!" He swam to there in a hurry.

At this moment, Diana was lying on a floating board that a child used to swim. Without this, she would have been swept to the bottom of the sea. But even so, she didn't have the strength to pull herself ashore. She could only lie on her stomach like a dead dog, waiting for someone to save her.

Seeing that Ryan rushed over in a hurry, she was not happy that her life had been saved, but resentfully thought that she should have another wave as soon as possible. She wanted to perish with this devil!

As soon as Ryan touched Diana, he held her waist tightly to prevent her from falling into the water. For two reasons, he was afraid that she would disappear again.

Who would think that the self-centered Mr. Luo would panic one day?

"Are you okay?" He was slapping her gently in the face. The latter rolled her eyes powerlessly.

'Mr. Luo, are you talking in your sleep? Come and try drinking a lot of sea water, okay?'

Ryan could guess what she was thinking, but he didn't mind her bad attitude this time. He let her lean on his shoulder and carry her to the shore. "Don't be afraid. The sea is not too deep here, but we have to hurry up. The waves are coming soon."

Moreover, it was not a warm day. Even Ryan couldn't stand the sea water. Ryan could hear her teeth trembling.

When they returned to the safe zone, the two of them were both very tired. After taking off his wet shirt, Ryan looked at Diana's pale face. His tender heart ran away without a trace, and his anger rose.

"Are you an idiot? Do you know you almost died? "

Diana was shocked and scared, as if she had just survived from a jaws of death. Before she could recover, she was scolded by him. The fire in her heart was no less than his, like an exploding cat. Regardless of the consequences of offending him, she jumped up and scolded back, "you beast in human attire, what qualifications do you have to scold me? If you hadn't kidnapped me, I wouldn't have been drowned. I tell you bastard, if I die, I will not let you go even if I die. I will haunt you day and night to make you restless! Bastard! Hmm... "

Ryan saw she opened and shut her mouth, listening to what she was cursing. A beast in human attire? Bastard? Right? 'How dare you!' In a rage, Ryan kissed her mouth to stop her from cursing!

Diana was cursing hard, but her mouth was suddenly covered by him to prevent her from flinching. He clasped the back of her head tightly with one hand.

Bastard! Diana patted Ryan hard.

This completely petrified Diana, who had married another man and was actually a virgin... He even took away her first kiss! And in such a shameless way! Disgusting!

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