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   Chapter 7 Bullying

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"If you want to express your thanks, why do you change the day?" Staring at Rock, Ryan said slowly. When Rock frowned in confusion, he smiled leisurely. "Isn't today a good opportunity? I'm a man who can't tolerate sand in my eyes. Today, I hurt my subordinates for the sake of your friend. I'm not feeling good. Now, I can sleep well tonight. "

The face of Rock, who knew a little about Ryan, suddenly changed.

When Rock was about to run away with Diana, the guards gathered together and approached the two of them step by step.

Although Rock had practiced some fighting skills in the army, he couldn't stand it anymore. There were so many people and they were all professional people. Seeing that four or five hatchet men subdued Charles at the same time, Diana was very anxious. She raised his fist and patted them. "What are you doing? Let him go! "

Her strength was like a kitten, hitting the strong hitmen as if tickling them. The hitmen looked at her with mockery and did not move.

However, her action completely annoyed Ryan. He snorted angrily and took a step forward to grab her restless hands.

Charles couldn't get rid of the guards. Seeing that Diana fell into the arms of Ryan, he shouted in a hurry, "Mr. Luo, I should be responsible for what he has done. I owe you something about Mars, and it has nothing to do with her. Let her go, and I'll do whatever you ask me to do."

He was so self-righteous. He thought that with the Mu clan's name, Ryan had to consider more. He had completely forgotten how powerful the Luo clan and the Mei clan behind him were! In their eyes, the Mu clan was probably not enough! It was easier to kill him than to kill an ant! It was just that Diana was involved. If anything happened to her, he would be responsible for it!

Rock's eyes turned red with anxiety. He was right about one thing. In the eyes of Ryan, the Mu clan was nothing. Today, Rock was able to sit on his negotiation table, but his subordinate had crossed his bottom line. He just gave Rock a favor.

With a cold look at Rock, he smiled and looked down at the woman in his arms.

Diana was struggling, but when she met his evil eyes, her heart tightened, as if the flowers in the greenhouse suddenly encountered a storm wind, making her instantly understand how insignificant she was, and how cruel the outside world was.


Before she could finish her words, Ryan suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered in her ear, "Aren't you worried about your boyfriend?"

His tone was cold and indifferent, but there was a strong sense of threat in it. At this moment, even if Diana denied that Rock was her boyfriend, she did not think that the other party would let them go.

"What do you want?" Diana asked, bearing the fear in her heart. She was so worried about her and Rock that she forgot that she was in an extremely intimate posture attached to the arms of Ryan.

"What do you think? Miss Diana! " Ryan asked with interest.

"Diana, don't listen to him!" Rock struggled and roared. Although he didn't hear what the two of them said, looking at Diana's obedient expression, he had no doubt that this stupid woman had compromised!

Diana followed the voice and looked to the direction where the voice came from. At this moment, master Mu was no longer as elegant as he used to be. The well cut suit was crumpled, and two buttons of the white shirt inside were lost, making her look very embarrassed.

"Mr. Luo, let him go. I'll go with you." Diana lowered her eyes, not daring to look at Rock.

"Diana, are you crazy? He is bluffing. He doesn't dare to do anything to me! " Hearing her answer, Rock shouted angrily. No matter how powerful Ryan's background was, he only knew that he couldn't let anything happen to Diana!

Seeing that Diana pressed her lips and didn't say A word, Rock's heart choked with sobs. He had already known how stubborn this girl was, so he had to angrily say to Ryan, "Mr. Luo just operated the filthy Harper Dynasty. Now you can even do the evil thing of robbing other people's wife. Do you really think that commander Mei can do everything in A city? If you dare to hurt her today, I, Rock Mu, will definitely not let you go! "

When he mentioned commander Mei, Jeremy and others in the Harper Dynasty changed expressions. Only Ryan didn't frown at all, as if he just heard an insignificant stranger.

However, Diana, who was held more and more tightly by him, knew that he was not as calm as he looked.

Even though Diana didn't know what to do, she had heard of commander Mei. He was the highest commander in charge of the military region of A city. Even the mayor of the city could only pretend to be obedient when he saw him. It was said that he was a man of words in front of the head of state.

With such a strong background, Mr. Luo did have the ability to do whatever he wanted. It was definitely not something that Rock could do with a few harsh words.

Alas, it was all her fault. She was so ignorant that she didn't even know who Mr. Luo was.

She pulled Ryan's hand and begged, "I know you are angry with me. It has nothing to do with Rock. I will keep my words. Please don't make things diffi

cult for him!"

Squinting at her, Ryan was shocked in his heart. This woman, who had avoided him like avoiding a snake and a scorpion just now, was now at his disposal in order to save Rock.

This thought made him inexplicably angry. He really wanted to burn the two people in front of him to ashes!

For a long time, Ryan was speechless. It was not until Diana moved uneasily in his chest that he sneered, "What a perfect couple!"

It was obvious that she was forced by him to misunderstand their love. That was all. Why did she insult them as shameless men and women? Diana was furious, but she dared not say anything in front of the evil forces.


"Master Mu!" Rock wanted to say something more, but was interrupted by Jeremy.

With his hands behind his back, Jeremy strolled leisurely to him, warning and persuading him, "I advise you to say less, lest you and miss Diana suffer more, or think about the Mu clan again? I heard that your adoptive father has a bad heart! "

How dare he threaten him with the Mu clan and Mr. Henry! Rock glared at Jeremy angrily. If he hadn't been suppressed by several guards, he would have jumped up and strangled him.

Diana was afraid that if Rock continued, the consequences would be uncontrollable. She pretended to be calm and comforted him, "Uncle, you can go back first. Don't worry about me. I have some misunderstanding with Mr. Luo. I will be fine after explaining it clearly."

"Diana!" Regardless of Jeremy, Rock struggled desperately like a trapped beast. He thought to himself, 'You really don't know Ryan. He is young, but he has already been called the flood dragon in A city. how can a weak woman fight with such a man?'

However, Ryan didn't give him the chance to speak any more. He winked at one of the guards, and that man, together with the other four, dragged Rock into the depths of the Harper Dynasty. "Let's go, master mu. Mr. Luo invites you to a drink."

Seeing that he didn't let Rock go as he had promised, Diana was so angry that she shouted. "Bastard, how dare you break your promise!" Her voice suddenly stopped when she met his increasingly malicious eyes.

"Did I promise you to let him go right now?" Asked Ryan.

This man was so shameless that Diana was speechless. Her face flushed with anger.

Seeing that she looked fierce but timid, the anger in his heart suddenly disappeared. Instead, he said in a good mood, "don't worry. I still have some dignity. As long as you behave well tonight, I promise you will see a lively Rock tomorrow morning."

Then he held her waist and walked out.

Seeing that Mr. Luo didn't want to take him, Jeremy sighed and thought, 'it's so good to be young!'!

A well-dressed and fashionable woman came over and whispered in his ear, "Mr. Jeremy, whose daughter is she just now? She even made our Mr. Luo fall in love with her. "

As soon as she asked, Jeremy immediately complained. Both Mr. Ted and Mr. Mei had planted people around Mr. Luo. What happened tonight must have been heard by the two elders now. How should he explain to the two elders tomorrow that Mr. Luo had hooked up with Rock's woman?

'Forget it. Let's drink and get drunk. It doesn't matter if it's the end of the world tomorrow!' Jeremy smiled at the woman and said, "I'm free today. Do you have the honor to enjoy flowers, moon and beauties?"

The woman winked at him and smiled, "of course!"

Almost being forced to get into Ryan's limited edition Bugatti, Diana patted the locked door and stared at him angrily.

The competition between the two forces was like heaven and earth. Moreover, he had a hostage, Rock. Diana had no choice but to glare at him with fierce eyes.

However, instead of being cold and gloomy in the Harper Dynasty just now, Ryan just smiled and glanced at her. Then he started the Bugatti and drove forward, as if he was a street bully who had robbed a good woman and couldn't wait to go back and enjoy his delicious food.

Thinking of the "performance" that Ryan had just said, Diana was suddenly shocked and couldn't help holding her body tightly.

"Are you worried about yourself now?" Ryan rolled his eyes at her. It was undeniable that her determination to give up everything for Rock just now made him very angry.

However, when her mind was exposed, Diana was not nervous at all. She glanced at him as he did and sneered, "Does it work if I worry?"

"Yes, it's useless," said Ryan. "But..."

Diana was anxious again by the "but". "But what?" Although she had been prepared, if she had a choice, she still didn't want to be inexplicably destroyed by this bully.

Noticing that she was staring at him, her eyes sparkled with hope. Her long eyelashes were like a cattail fan, which added to her charm. All of a sudden, Ryan felt a sharp beat in his heart. He replied in a soft tone that he didn't even feel, "but I will be very gentle."

"You!" Was it fun to flirt with others? Diana was so angry that she almost couldn't hold her breath. Finally, she said angrily because she didn't dare to, "you said you would let him go tomorrow morning. I hope you will keep your words!"

'Pretending to be what one is not! You are filthy than maggots!'

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