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   Chapter 6 Meet Again (Part Two)

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She retorted impolitely, "does it have anything to do with you how I behave? Or is there a rule in the Harper Dynasty that teachers are not allowed to come? As for Mr. Luo, you must be a regular customer of the Harper Dynasty? I don't know how many innocent girls have been harmed by you! "

Looking at the fighting between the teacher and the student, Jeremy Tang couldn't help but twitch his eyes. Mr. Luo was not an unreasonable person. The art teacher just inadvertently said something wrong about him and made a mistake about his gender. Why did he trample on others when he got the chance?

And does Miss Diana have a brain? What's the good of irritating Mr. Luo here alone?

He also said that Mr. Luo had harmed an innocent girl. Girls would like to, but they had to be appreciated by Mr. Luo.

Hearing that, Ryan was completely amused. He grinned hideously and acted like a ruffian who didn't match his usual image. Then he pretended to grab Diana and said, "I have harmed many girls, but I haven't tasted the taste of a teacher yet. Why don't I have a try with you?"

"Ah! You bastard! " Diana finally realized her situation and ran out with a scream.

She was really a fool. How could she ignore the bad nature of men? She could resist it in a proper place like Purple Bonny Coffee Club, but where was the Harper Dynasty? If she had an accident, others would only think she was flirtatious.

She could almost imagine the front page tomorrow, "the young hostess of the Mu clan is unwilling to stay alone. She has a romantic night with Mr. Luo in the Harper Dynasty." or it might be written like this: "the young hostess of the Mu clan lost her body because of a pee.".

No matter what, she would end up with a word: tragic!

Diana screamed while running, hoping to call out Rock, which attracted attention all the way. Some of the male comrades even whistled shamelessly.

It had to be said that God favored her. As soon as she ran to the door, Rock arrived.

"Diana?" Rock ran to her in a hurry and looked her up and down. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she was not hurt, but his eyes were still a little reproachful. "Didn't I tell you not to get out of the car? Don't worry about me. I can handle the problem here. "

Rock misunderstood that she ran in because she was worried about him. Although he didn't agree with her, it was undeniable that he was a little happy in his heart.

The security guard at the door looked at Diana and smiled together.

The heat on Diana's face had just dissipated, and was burning again. She wanted to drag Rock away, but the latter had already seen Ryan.

"Mr. Luo." Rock greeted indifferently. Noticing that Ryan's eyes were fixed on Diana, he calmly blocked the little woman's figure with his body.

Looking at Rock, who was still sitting together to negotiate a moment ago, with a playful smile on his fa

ce, Ryan said meaningfully, "Mr. Mu and miss Diana are in a good relationship. You don't forget to bring your little girlfriend when you go out to deal with your friend's affairs."

Rock knew that Diana worked as a part-time art teacher in the Edgar college, so he was not surprised by the way he called her "Miss Diana". It was just that because of the strong request of Charles,. Only some relatives of the Mu clan knew about Diana married into the Mu clan. The two of them just registered their marriage and did not hold a wedding. As for the misunderstanding that she was his girlfriend, Rock frowned. He didn't know whether he should explain it or not.

This hesitation meant acquiescence in Ryan's eyes. He narrowed his eyes and a look of sophistication appeared on his face, which was a few years younger than Rock.

Diana didn't know that the matter of Rock's friend had something to do with Mr. Luo, but she felt very uncomfortable in such a place. She couldn't help but pull his sleeve and whispered, "uncle, let's go!"

No matter what, the young hostess of the Mu clan couldn't appear in such a place. With her mother-in-law, if she knew that Rock brought her to the Harper Dynasty, she would make up two people in front of Mr. Henry.

Seeing that she took the initiative to get close to him, Rock's heart was so soft that he didn't care about Ryan at all. Anyway, the matter of his friend had been settled. He comforted Diana with a smile and said to Ryan politely, "thank you for Mars's matter, Mr. Luo. I'll invite Mr. Luo for a drink another day."

When he heard that they were leaving, Jeremy was about to celebrate with firecrackers. Now he was very sure that there was something wrong between Miss Diana and Mr. Luo. The two met for the first time, which made Mr. Luo so angry that he couldn't eat anything. The second time, it was even more exaggerated. He thought that the two should separate as soon as possible.

"Bye, master Mu! Come to visit the Harper Dynasty more often. " Jeremy said with a smile. Anyone could guess how hypocritical his words were. Everyone knew that the strict young master Mu had never been to such a place of luxury.

But before he could finish his words, he felt two cold eyes staring at him, as if they were going to kill him.

Jeremy smiled at Ryan and then walked back obediently.

Diana didn't pay attention to the eyes of them. She was still confused by the courteous words of Jeremy, "come to the Harper Dynasty more often?" 'Is the Harper Dynasty the property of the Luo family?

Subconsciously, she raised her head and happened to meet the evil eyes of Ryan. She suddenly felt suffocated and a chill was spreading from her coccyx.

Glancing at her fair hand, which was in sharp contrast to the black suit of Rock, Ryan's smiling eyes suddenly became cold. When he raised his head again, he looked as deep as before.

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