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   Chapter 53 I'm Fine!

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"I'm not that idle. I just want to have a talk with Miss Gu. I didn't expect to be shut out. I have no choice but to come here to talk with her." Peter turned his head to look at Lily with a mysterious smile. His good-looking face was so annoying at this time.

"Are you following me?" Lily said in a cold voice full of anger. It could be seen that she had been trying her best to suppress herself.

"It's far from following, but... How about business contact? Is this the reason you want? "

"What a business contact! Who do you think you are?" The woman's teeth were slightly closed, and she was provoked by the arrogant man in front of her.

"Women are not cute when they are angry. Didn't you cook almond corn porridge for me last night to sober me up? Why do you turn against me now?" Peter sat up and whispered to Lily.

Her hands were curled up tightly, and her nails were deeply into the palm of her hand, which made her feel sticky.

Joe put his hand on his mouth and coughed slightly. The surprise on his face flashed, but it was caught by the deep eyes of Peter once again, full of provocation.

Lily really wanted to stand up and slap on Peter's face. She didn't expect that this man could be so mean now.

'You are such an idiot! Why did you send that man home late at night and cook porridge for him?

You should be cruel enough to let him live on the street and let the people coming and going see his jokes!'

Looking into the eyes of Peter, Lily gave him a stern look, picked up her bag and went downstairs without looking back.

She had never eaten such a disgusting meal. Yes, it was disgusting!

Lily left the restaurant as fast as he could. Joe stood up and chased after her, but he didn't see her.

"Do you think you can't be found if you hide here?" Peter stood in a corner of the underground garage with a cigarette between

ll to the ground.

The pain of falling on the ground did not come as expected, but her body was held lightly in someone's arms.

"I said I could do it myself. Put me down!" Lily pushed the man's solid chest with his hands, but found that the man held her more tightly.

Peter didn't say anything. Regardless of the woman's struggle in his arms, he just walked out with Lily in his arms.

The hospital was very quiet. Sitting on the chair of the observation room, Lily's face was as pale as death. The doctor came in with the film in his hand. He glanced at Lily, nodded, and turned to Peter. "Fortunately, the bone was not hurt, but the ankle's injury has not been completely healed before, and now it added a new wound. It's a little troublesome to deal with it. Be careful. Don't get hurt again. She won't be so lucky next time."

"Anything else?" Peter looked at the doctor seriously, as if he was afraid of missing every word the doctor said.

"Remember to apply ice on the ankle when you go back. Don't get hurt again." The doctor adjusted his glasses and said in a low but serious voice.

After hearing the reply from the man, the doctor sighed and walked out. There were only two people left in the observation room, silent.

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