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   Chapter 52 Lovelorn

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Lily walked upstairs step by step with a broad view in front of her.

The environment of the restaurant was very elegant. The main color of grey did not make people feel cold, on the contrary, it could make people instantly calm down. There were many modern oil paintings hanging on the wall, which looked more charming under the light of the metal spotlight.

The waiter came over with a polite smile and nodded slightly to Lily, "Miss, how many people in your party?"

"I'm looking for Mr. Zhou. He should have made a reservation before." Lily replied with a smile.

"Okay, please follow me." The waiter nodded, turned around and walked towards the window.

When Lily walked up to Joe, he was looking out of the window. Somehow, Lily saw a touch of melancholy.

"What's wrong? Lovelorn?" Lily pulled out the chair and sat down on the opposite of Joe. She put her handbag on the chair and tidied up the dress on her legs.

Joe turned to look at Lily. They hadn't seen each other for a few days. Why did she become more and more attractive?

The black satin A-line skirt outlined the woman's curve, delicate and somewhat sexy. A pair of simple candy colored pure high-heeled shoes made her legs more slender, and the design of seven level sleeves revealed the woman's elegant and quiet temperament undoubtedly.

The sun lazily sprinkled down outside the window, illuminating the long curly hair of Lily particularly.

Somehow, Joe frowned. Looking at Lily who was sitting in front of him, his heart sank bit by bit. A burst of bitterness spread over his heart, and his heart ached.

"I ordered your favorite mango shrimp rice and Tom Yam Kung. What else do you want?" The man's voice was low and there was no expression on his face.

Lily shook her head and looked suspiciously at the depressed man in front of her, "Why are you so strange today? Wha

hes one by one on the pure white marble table, which seemed very attractive.

Raising his eyebrows, Peter said "you two don't mind having one more pair of chopsticks. How about having dinner together? Lily, why are you so obsessed with mango shrimp rice? It's been a long time, but you still don't want to change it. In my opinion, why don't you have a taste of Satay in front of Joe? Maybe you will like it?" The man sat there with his arms crossed over his chest. His straight and slender figure was wrapped in a black suit. His tone was cold, with a hint of playfulness, and perhaps a little anger.

"So what? Do I need your permission to have dinner with Joe?" Lily turned her head to look at Peter sharply, as if the cup in her hand was going to be crushed.

"Of course not. I'm just curious about how clever you are at playing with men. I'm here today to witness. You can continue." Peter raised his hand and mocked.

Joe took a look at Peter sitting there and smiled more unruly.

"Mr. Bai, are you stretching out your hand too long? Feeling guilty? Are you here to show off your existence? If you are here to stir up trouble, I will give you a favor. Ask Lily if she wants to have dinner with you. If she agrees, I won't mind."

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