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   Chapter 51 Him Again !

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"But Frank, no matter how hard I try, Joe still love Lily. As long as she is alive, he won't calm down. He has been obsessed with that woman. I really don't know if I would better let him go." With tears in her eyes, Vivian looked delicate and pitiful.

"Vivian, I've told you that I can't let anyone of the Gu family enter the gate of the Zhou family. After decades of ups and downs between YS Group and the Zhou Group, the grudge between us has been accumulated for a long time. If let Lily enter the house, won't I be laughed at by everyone? What's more, Lily is having an affair with Peter. How can she have time for Joe? You should try your best to pull him to your side now, Instead of sighing in front of me and saying to let him go." Frank said sincerely.

Vivian nodded, frowning and saying nothing.

"What's more, you could teach Joe step by step in the future to change his stubbornness. You always follow his orders. That's not good." Frank said in a teasing tone with a smile on his face.

"Frank, you must be kidding. Joe is so excellent. How can I teach him?" Vivian smiled awkwardly.

When walking out of the villa of the Zhou family, Vivian clenched her fists tightly, and her delicate wine red nails fell into her palms deeply, leaving an elegant back to Frank who was standing in front of the window.

'This old man said he would stand on my side, but he changed his face faster than turning a book. He was scared to step three feet back by a casual sentence of Joe. It seems that no one can be relied on but myself in the end.'

Sitting in the office and looking at the pile of documents in front of her, although it was a little difficult at the beginning for going through documents densely packed with numbers, it became easier after getting used to it.

Secretary Song looked up at Lily, who was sitting there and reading documents meticulously, and his face was full of surprise.

It was said that before entering the company, Lily had been a doctor. How could she be so inter

ports recently, and all I'm thinking about is numbers. It's a good idea to reward myself. See you at the restaurant this noon." "I'll pick you up later."

"No, I can find it. Anyway, it's not far from the company. Besides, don't always think of me as a person has no sense of direction!" There was a hint of resentment and unwillingness in her tone.

"Why don't you admit it? If you don't have the navigation, I think you can drive to the moon." The man on the other end of the phone, burst into laughter with the full of banter.

When the car stopped at the door of the restaurant, it was still a quarter after twelve. The phone in Lily's handbag rang again.

"Well, I just saw the news that a driver drove the car to a tree. I was wondering if it was you? Are you really going to the moon? Can you get rid of the sense of time. What time is it now? I've been sitting here alone for half an hour."

"If one of us drove into the tree, it must be you! I'm downstairs." Lily gave the key to the parking vale and walked into the restaurant on the phone.

The black Jaguar stopped not far away slowly rolled down the window. The man's black square sun glasses gave off a cold atmosphere. He looked at the back of Lily disappearing from his sight one point one. His eyes were getting darker and darker, and his face was as cold as ice.

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