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   Chapter 50 Playing with Fire

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The man frowned, and then turned into a smile. In a somewhat sarcastic voice, he said, "Vivian, don't you think there is too much flattery?" Joe was almost on the verge of breaking down when he woke up and saw Vivian appear in his restaurant.

"What do you mean by flattery? Vivian came to make breakfast for you early in the morning. Instead of being grateful, you made a face. Isn't it too impolite? !" Frank adjusted his gold rimmed glasses, closed the magazine in his hand and said angrily.

"I'm sorry, Miss Liang. I'm not in the mood for breakfast. You can eat by yourself. I'm leaving now." Joe stood up and picked up the suit on the back of the chair, leaving the woman behind him a slender back.

"Sit down!" Frank's voice echoed in the big living room, and Vivian was also frightened by the sudden low roar. She stood aside and didn't dare to say anything.

Joe stopped and didn't turn around. But it could be seen that Joe was restraining his anger. The man breathed out, squinted his eyes slightly, and a hint of danger flashed across the corner of his mouth.

"Vivian Liang, do you think that I, Joe, will be obedient to you by this trick? You know me. I warn you, don't play with fire. You might get yourself burned by accident."

"Joe, I just want to make breakfast for you. If you don't like it, I won't do it in the future. As long as you are not angry, it's my fault today. I didn't ask for your permission. I'm really sorry!" The woman said with panic and guilt, somewhat at a loss.

"That's enough, Vivian. You don't have to say that in front of me, let alone waste time on me. I won't have any feelings for you, let alone make you enter the Zhou family." The man's cold tone made Vivian's heart sink.

In fact, Joe understood that Vivian's so-called love was just a play. In order to help her father gain a foothold in the Zhou Group, they did everything they could. Even if they didn't have

ime, as if he would overturn the Zhou's villa the next second. There was dead silence in the huge space.

Vivian turned around and walked towards Frank. The servants exchanged glances with each other and left quietly. It was known that the consequence of angering the host was not only losing their job. Learning how to look over their shoulders at their master was a good way to maintain the job in the Zhou family for a long time. In this case, it was better to hide as far as possible to avoid being hurt.

"Frank, please don't be angry. It's all my fault today. I haven't solved some misunderstandings between me and Joe, so he is so angry. What he said is just angry words. Please don't take it seriously. If you and Joe lose your harmony because of me, it's really not worth it." The woman frowned and said in a pretentious voice.

"What's wrong with what happened today? It's all his fault! I think this guy is becoming more and more lawless. Vivian, you go back first. I'll take care of the rest. But you know, Joe has always been stubborn since childhood. He will turn against your wishes. When he calms down, he will naturally know that you are the most suitable daughter-in-law for the future of the Zhou Group." Frank suppressed his anger and calmed himself down.

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