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   Chapter 35 I Hate Her the Most

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Holbrook walked in with a big smile on his face. He was tall and perfect, looking gentle and elegant in the sun.

Peter turned around and looked at the man coming in. He curled up one hand and put the other hand around his chest. The hand beside his mouth stretched out his index finger and pointed at the woman who was applying lipstick at the desk. He looked at Holbrook suspiciously.

"What's going on? Why did you bring her here?" Peter said to Holbrook in a low voice.

"Didn't you sign the contract with her? Of course we are here to perform our contract. We can do whatever we should do." Holbrook said frankly, looking at Peter innocently.

At this moment, Peter was on the verge of breaking down.

Holbrook walked closer to Peter and whispered in her ear, "although Katie's personality has disappeared, Lyon is a person with her own consciousness. We don't have the right to imprison her and let her receive treatment. In that case, let's do the same as before. Let nature take its course. Maybe sometimes there are some factors that can just stimulate her inner will and slowly recover to her original personality."

"Are you sure you can control her now? It's better to play less games without absolute certainty." The man's tone was still cold and unapproachable.

Peter had always thought that Katie had recovered after being treated in the United States for such a long time. He didn't expect to see such a thing not long after he came back. He was a little tired and his mind became a mess.

"Of course I'm sure. If you still regard her as a friend, you should be more patient to help her. Maybe you won't understand. In fact, Lyon is just a lonely person. You think she's cold-blooded and arrogant, but in fact, she's just trying to help Katie." Holbrook's eyes were filled with tenderness, and every word hit Lyon's heart.

"I just want to make things easier. I can't ma

new that in the other side of Katie's life, Lily was the one she hated to the core, when she stood in front of him as Lyon.

According to Lyon, the only person she hated the most was Lily. She wished she could tear her into pieces and throw her into the fire.

Katie said that the person she loved most in her life was Lily. Every time Lily got hurt, she would habitually avoid everyone and silently lick her wound.

Katie also said that she and Lyon were like mirrors to each other, always showing their bright side to others, but they did not know that their own ground had already been broken into a heap of crumbling ruins.

Every time Peter thought of the hideous look on Lyon's face when she said "Lily", he got goose bumps. Fortunately, they were in a foreign country.

But now, everyone's fate was once again placed at the gambling table. When this day really came, Peter flinched again.

If the farce five years ago had hurt both of the two, Peter could feel the heartbreaking pain more.

He didn't want to be trampled on like five years ago. If five years could change anything, the most change was courage.

He no longer lived humbly under the protection of others, and now he knew how to fight for everything he wanted.

Including Lily.

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