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   Chapter 16 Is It Him

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Every step Lily took was like stepping on cotton. Since she drank with Joe in the bar yesterday, everything happened seemed to be in a dream. She walked with her head down, intentionally or unintentionally stepping on the grey white floor tiles, somewhat absent-minded. Her long black hair was dyed golden in the morning sun, and against the water blue high necked sweater, she was like a princess coming out of a fairy tale.

Unknowingly, she had passed the huge fountain square in front of the hospital. When she raised her head and saw herself reflected on the glass curtain of the hospital building, she found that the corners of her mouth had already been raised.

It was so strange. Why was she still the same as before?

Peter's appearance made Lily's disguise in front of him be broken into pieces.

She still loved him.

She scratched the back of her head and looked at the people coming and going in the distance, feeling a little annoyed.

Sometimes, it was really difficult to deceive herself. Didn't she love him anymore? Lily thought if Peter disappeared again, she would be as depressed as five years ago, like a child whose candy was taken away.

The most pathetic thing was that even so, she didn't know how to accept the man who had disappeared in her life for five years. It was said that time would change a person. It was true.

Peter was no longer the one who would smile brightly in a white shirt, nor the one who cared about nothing but Lily. Except for the stormy night five years ago, everything else was so beautiful in her heart. If the two of them were not meant to be together, she had to leave some memories for herself.

Lily had always been a stubborn person. Once she decided to do something, she would do it. Even if she bumped into a wall, she would still flatten it with an digger and then arrogantly walk through the ruins.

Both being a doctor, and falling in love with Peter reflected her character.

When Lily was about to enter the building, her shoulder was patted gently. She turned her head and saw Joe standing there laughing heartlessly.

"Joe? Why are you here? Didn't you go to work in the Zhou Group? " Lily stared at the man in front of her.

"Well, Is the hospital owned by your family? Why can't I come here? I just came here to see if you were all right. It was really an accident yesterday. I didn't expect that he took you away, which made me worried for a long time."

"I just told you that I'm fine. Don't worry. He won't do anything to me. And you are not as good at drinking as me. People always say that wine can judge the moral quality. In my opinion, your moral quality does owe a flaw. "

"Come on, don't make fun of me. When can you change your sharp teeth? Will you die if you say something nice? I came here in a hurry this morning. You ungrateful brat!" Joe pinched Lily's face and said in a sad tone.

Lily smiled and flipped back the hair hanging in front of her forehead. Her delicate oval face was undoubtedly exposed.

"Okay, okay. Let's say something nice now. Handsome, it's almost nine o'clock now. You are still wandering here. Don't you need to go to the Zhou Group to register? If I were your father, I would have taught you a lesson! " He stressed the last few w

ords on purpose, gloating.

"Do you know who my boss is now?" Joe glanced at Lily at the same time, inexplicably irritable.

"Who is it? Who could step on the head of the young master of the Zhou Group? That's great! I must meet this big shot some other day and broaden my horizon." Looking at the expression on Joe's face, Lily just wanted to laugh. She had never seen that Joe was afraid of anyone.

"Don't bother. You saw him last night."

Many people flashed through her mind, like a rapidly spinning turntable, and finally fixed on that evil and attractive face. She instantly trembled with fear.

"I've seen... Could not be... " As she spoke, Lily slowly raised her head and looked into Joe's eyes. Her pupils shrank.

"Really? Was it him? !"

"Yes, you bet. He is now the chief financial officer of the Zhou Group, and he is in charge of all kinds of projects. " Joe said, "and now I'm his assistant."

It was incredible. Lily had never thought that the world could be so small.

Moreover, five years ago, Peter was just a salesperson at the bottom of YS Group. How could he suddenly become the CFO of the Zhou Group. How did he make it in the past five years?

Her mind was running fast, but Lily was shocked and froze there, even her raised finger was still in the air. If one didn't look carefully, he would think that it was a human shaped sign standing there.

"So you know why I was in a bad mood yesterday, right? I'm embarrassed by you, understand? I should have said you are my fiancee in front of him."

In Lily's opinion, Joe and she seemed to have taken off all their clothes in front of Peter at the moment. He saw everything clearly, but the two didn't know that they were playing a duet.

What was that man thinking about? She couldn't figure it out, and she felt that the current Peter was unfathomable.

Looking at the frozen woman in front of him, Joe said crossly, "in fact, you don't have to be so shocked. Let me tell you, Peter will get out of the Zhou Group sooner or later."

"Joe, in fact, you don't have to be so hostile to him. Of cource, he did hurt me before, but it has been five years and I have already forgotten it. Anyway, he has nothing to do with me now. Just take it as an old friend. As his assistant now, it's not good for your relationship to be too stiff. Even for the sake of the Zhou Group, you shouldn't go against him. Do you understand?"

She didn't know whom she was talking for and what she was talking about. Her mind was in a mess.

Joe nodded faintly, with an imperceptible loss in his eyes.

In the Zhou Group's building, everyone was preparing the documents for the meeting in a hurry. Sitting in the empty conference room, Peter slowly rotated the black pike pen in his hand. His face was as calm as a pool of stagnant water, and no one could guess what he was thinking.

The capable employees had well maintained their professional ethics. They would not take the initiative to attack before they could understand the temperament of their new boss.

When everyone sat up straight and waited for him to speak, they found that there was no one in the vice president's seat next to him.

Peter looked at the people sitting below, with a dangerous smile in his sharp eyes.

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