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   Chapter 14 Position of Vulnerability

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Lily was confused.

Didn't she drink in the bar with Joe yesterday?

'Why am I here?'

With one hand gently pulling back the quilt, Lily stood on tiptoe to get out of the bed, trying not to make any sound, intending to sneak away.

But the next second, Lily was desperate.

Her clothes and even her underwear were gone.

All of a sudden, Lily took a few steps back, wrapped herself tightly in the bathrobe, and reached out to open the door, but she did not have the courage to open it.

Freak! Absolutely freak!

Such a despicable man! Position of vulnerability!

After cursing Peter over and over again in her heart, the door in front of her was suddenly opened, and Peter's angular face came into view.

Lily stared at him blankly. After a long time, she turned her back with empty eyes, as if she had been possessed.

Lily thought 'what the hell am I doing here?

Why did I drink? Now, something has happened.'

The expression on Lily's face changed from green to red, which was very colorful. A smile appeared at the corners of Peter's mouth, and he gently cleared his throat with one hand around his mouth.

"What? Don't you know me?" Peter was about to choke her to death.

"I... Why am I here?" Lily turned around awkwardly, like a pupil who made a mistake and didn't dare to look up at Peter.

"You were drunk, so I brought you back." Peter said calmly.

"What about my clothes?"

"Throw away."

"Throw... Throw them away? " Lily was angry and anxious. She opened her big eyes wide and was about to argue with Peter. But before she could say anything, a pile of clothes smashed down.

"Hurry up. I have to go out later. Don't stay at my home."

The man waved his hand, turned around and walked out of the room, closing the door.

Lily pouted and looked at the clothes on the ground.

'Oh, my God! Lily! You're asking for trouble, aren't you? Is this embarrassed enough?'

Lily opened the door of the bathroom, turned on the tap, and poured a handful of ice water on her face.

The man sat on the sofa in the living room. His white shirt and navy blue tie set off his noble and casual temperament. His big hands were flipping through the financial magazine in his hands as if nothing had happened.

After a while, the door of the bedroom opened slowly. Lily came out in a hurry, with her hands so nervous that she didn't know where to put them.

A pair of tight light jeans and a high necked light blue sweater lit up Peter. Her long hair was loosely draped over her waist, and her glittering milk white skin was flushed. The man stared at her for a long time without saying anything.

It was so beautiful.

"What? Isn't it appropriate?"

Lily regretted as soon as she finished her words. It's none of his business whether it's appropriate or not. He threw away her clothes, didn't he?

"Not bad." Peter slowly spit out three words, and then looked down at the magazine in his hand.

Lily didn't believe what she heard. She surprisingly looked at the man who was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed.


just so so!?

What do you mean 'not bad'!?

It was worse than saying nothing!

Lily walked over and poked the man's arm with one finger.

"Last night, did you... Did you help me change my clothes?"

"Do you think there is a third person in this room?"

Lily was speechless.

Peter raised his head to look at Lily. He didn't expect her face to be redder, which made p

eople laugh.

"Well, it's not the first time I've seen your body." The man stood up, picked up the black suit on the armrest of the sofa with one hand, and held Lily in his arms with the other hand, walking to the door.

Peter opened the shoe cabinet and took out a pair of high-quality snake leather shoes. Lily stood still.

Damn it! He forgot to ask Secretary Li to bring a pair of shoes here.

Peter shrugged helplessly.

"You have no choice. It seems that you have to go out barefoot today."

Lily gave a glare at Peter and walked towards the door. However, before she took two steps, she was held horizontally by the man.

"Hey, Mr. Bai, let me go!" Lily thumped the man's chest.

"Are you sure?" Peter said in a low and playful tone.

"I..." Lily was speechless and had to give up.

Just hold him. A wise woman knows when to retreat!

During he walked to the garage, Lily lowered her head for fear of being seen by the people passing by.

The man stopped beside the black Wrangler and pressed the remote control key. He looked askance at the woman in his arms and blew at the flickering eyes of Lily.

"What are you thinking about? Open the door."

"Okay." Lily opened the door in a very strange posture, as if telling him with his eyes that please get in the car!

When Peter got into the driver's seat, the atmosphere in the car became awkward. To be exact, Lily was extremely embarrassed.

Peter started the car, looked straight ahead, and said in a low voice, "where are we going?"

"Central Hospital." Lily replied submissively and didn't dare to say anything more.

People on the street walked in a hurry. The sun was shining on them, as if all the depression had disappeared.

Lily felt that her brain had been out of circulation since the moment she woke up in the morning. Every word she said was so regretful that she wanted to bite her tongue and commit suicide. Considering that it was completely inappropriate to speak, she made a decision in her heart:

Pretending to be asleep!

When the car stopped, Lily had never thought that time could pass so slowly. She just wanted to run, but was pulled back by a huge force.

"Why are you running? Can I eat you up?"

'Of course you can. And in a terrible way!'

A false smile appeared on Lily's face. She had cursed Peter for many times in her heart.

"Wait in the car. I'll be right back." Peter opened the door and disappeared in a shopping mall across the road.

Lily rolled down the window and took a few deep breaths. For some reason, she was out of breath as long as she saw Peter.

Lily looked around like a cat with nothing to do.

When Peter returned to the car, he got a exquisitely packaged shoe box in his hand.

He threw it to Lily, took out a cigarette box from his pocket and lit it. He slowly lowered the window, and the smoke drifted away with the wind.

When Lily opened the package, it turned out to be a pair of brown ankle length boots, which looked elegant and gentle. She stared at the man smoking with her big eyes wide open, at a loss.

Peter sighed. With a cigarette in his mouth, Peter took the shoes from Lily's hands and put them on carefully. Fortunately, the size was just right.

Straight up, the two looked into each other's eyes, only to find that Lily's eyes were covered with a layer of mist.

"What? Are you grateful now?"

"No, it's just your smoke."

Lily blinked and looked out of the window.

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