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   Chapter 13 Don't Touch Her

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The man looked at the drunk woman in front of him.

Why was she here?

The bartender, who was standing next to them, saw this scene and rushed over, with an apologetic look on his face.

"I'm really sorry, sir. This lady is drunk. Please forgive her. I hope this will not damp your spirits!" The bartender couldn't help but nod to apologize, and was about to pull away Lily lying on the man.

"Don't touch her!" Peter's voice was not loud, but powerful.

The bartender's hand froze in the air, not daring to take the next step. This man seemed to have a strong background. The bartender, a small potato, couldn't afford to offend him.

With a sigh, Peter bent over and picked up the drunk Lily. He turned around and was about to leave. The bartender was about to say something, but he didn't dare to say anything.

"Mr. Bai, look!" Secretary Li, who was standing beside Peter, patted Peter's arm and raised his chin to the distance.

When Peter turned around, seeing Joe leaning against the sofa and then he watched the little girl in her arms.

"Secretary Li, tell Mr. Liang that I have something else to do today, and send Mr. Zhou home by the way." Peter said coldly.

"But Mr. Bai, you just took office. If you do not go to the appointment, it... it will not be good." Secretary Li avoided the eye contact and felt embarrassed.

"I'll take care of it myself. You just tell Mr. Liang about it first."

"Yes, sir."

Secretary Li was restless. As the second largest shareholder of the Zhou Group, Mr. Liang was perverse. Every senior manager was afraid of him. Thinking that he couldn't afford to offend that man, he silently worried about Peter.

When Peter walked out of the bar, a gust of cold wind blew. Lily shrank in the arms of Peter. Her red face was like a bud of flower bud, which was very cute. Secretary Li quickly walked to the car and opened the door. After putting the woman in his arms on the passenger seat and closing the door, Peter took the car key from Secretary Li.

Lily muttered something and couldn't hear clearly. Peter leaned over and pulled the seat belt on her back. A fresh smell of jasmine floated into his nose.

Peter liked jasmine.

So she always used the shampoo with the smell of jasmine.

With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, Peter got close to Lily's face, and his eyes were as gentle as water.

You've been nostalgic for so many years.

After straightening up, Peter started the car, and the arrow also disappeared at the end of the street.

Secretary Li put his hands in his pockets and looked at the direction in which the two disappeared. He sighed heavily and turned back to the bar.

The bar was full of people, toasting, noisy music and twisting bodies, attracting all the men and women in the city here.

Secretary Li walked up to Joe and put one of Joe's arms around his shoulder. He didn't expect that the other arm would knock down a lot of wine bottles on the table, and then fell to the floor like a dominoes. The crackling sound attracted all the attention. Secretary Li tutted, quickly paid the bill, and pulled Joe out of the room.

It was not easy to get Joe into a taxi, but Secretary Li felt in a dilemma.

Where does Joe live?

After scratching his head, Secretary Li decided to send him back to the villa of the Zhou Group, despite the consequences.

At this time, Peter was a little depressed. Since the moment he brought Lily into the house, she seemed to be revi

ved. She broke free from the man's arms, rushed directly to the bathroom and locked the door.

She even locked the door!?

Had she been pretending all the way?

Peter leaned against the door of the bathroom with his arms crossed over his chest. The sound of water in the bathroom was still ringing, but no other sound could be heard.

After standing at the door for ten minutes, Peter couldn't hold her breath anymore.

Is there anything wrong?

He knocked on the door, but there was still no sound. He had no choice but to go to a drawer in the vestibule and take out the key.

When Peter pushed the door open, he was stunned and froze there.

Lily was dressed in thick clothes and didn't even take off her shoes. She was lying on her side in the bathtub, and the tap was still pouring water into the bathtub. Only her head was exposed to the water, and her hair was floating on the water. At a glance, he thought it was a female ghost's rebirth, and drowned in the bathtub again.

This woman was really a mess when she was drunk.

Peter walked to the white bathtub, turned off the tap, squatted down and pinched Lily's nose.

Fortunately, it was warm water. What if she caught a cold with cold water?

Peter shook his head helplessly and took off her wet clothes.

Lily's clothes were taken off. The scene in the bathroom made people blush.

But Peter didn't care about it at all. He squinted his eyes, took a shower for the woman in an orderly manner, dried her hair, wrapped her body with his bathrobe, put her on the big bed, covered herself with the quilt, and finally kissed her forehead.

When Peter turned around and went to the bathroom to clean up the mess, his hand, which was about to turn off the light, suddenly froze in the air.

"Peter, I miss you so much." Lily's lazy voice reached Peter's ears, and his hand stopped in the air shook unexpectedly.

Peter turned around suddenly and looked at Lily, only to find that the woman was sleeping soundly in the quilt with red cheeks, made he want to rush up and have a bite.

It was just a whisper.

The man's eyes suddenly dimmed, and a burst of bitterness arose in his heart.

Five years can change a lot of things, but it can't change the habit of loving you.

What should I do to make you come back to me?

In the misty bathroom, the watering can rustled on the ground. Water drops fell along man's muscular torso in thin lines.

Peter stared blankly at the bathtub that Lily had just lain in. His beautiful eyes were covered with a layer of frost.

In front of his eyes, the back of Lily, who had left in a strong rainy night five years ago with the pretended calm, was always so pitiful. For the first time in his life, Peter felt the pain of blood dripping from the heart, as if every nerve in his body was madly delivering the heart wrenching pain.

You must hate me, right?

The sun shone brightly in the morning.

Lily's eyelashes fluttered, and she stretched out her arms. She hadn't slept so soundly for a long time, which made her feel relaxed.

Her hands suddenly touched the back of the bed, a little cold.

The next second, Lily sat up suddenly and looked around the room with her eyes wide open.

There were huge crystals, dark brown floor and wide French windows.

Where am I?

It seemed that she had been here before.

Lily scratched the back of her head, and suddenly a thunder struck in her head.

Isn't this the room of Peter's house!?

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