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   Chapter 9 No Way

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"Lily, come back to me. You can't forget me." The man said in a frivolous tone, with one hand on the wall and the other lifting Lily's chin.

"No way! Why are you so confident? " Lily wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth, raised her head stubbornly, looked into his burning eyes and continued, "didn't I tell you? Mr. Bai, I am engaged. It's over between us. "

"Well, you are still using Joe as an excuse? At least you can give me a better reason. "

What? Did he find out?

Lily was a little angry. Before she could think of how to answer, she suddenly felt something light beneath her feet. The door of the bedroom was kicked open with a bang, and then she was thrown to the big bed. The man came up to her. Lily was in a panic, and she tried to dodge the beast whose eyes were covered with blood. She pushed the man's chest with her arms to avoid his kiss, but it seemed that everything was in vain.

"Madman, you madman, let go of me!" There was a sobbing tone in her voice. All of a sudden, Lily felt her nose twitched and she cried out, as if to wash away the grievances of the past five years with tears.

The man stopped what he was doing, and the two of them still maintained the posture that made people blush. There was a hint of loss in their dark eyes.

"Lily, do you really believe that I am willing to leave you?" The man breathed quickly and looked at her with burning eyes.

"Or what? Who are you? You are Peter. Who can force you to go to America? " Lily struggled to free herself from the big hand, pushed away Peter on her body with her last strength, and got out of bed.

"What if I say yes? Lily, and the man is Jacob." With his head down, Peter raised his voice, unwilling and angry.


The heavy slap was like a light of fire hitting on the right side of Peter's face, and red blood could be seen faintly.

"Enough! Five years ago, it was you who said that I was just a tool for you to dispel loneliness, and you were so determined to leave without looking back. For five years, you had been hidden abroad without even greeting me. Now you want me to come back to you. Ha-ha, I tell you, my heart is already dead for you. You don't have to pretend to be pitiful in front of me, let alone blame this on my father. " With red eyes and fists clenched, Lily's messy hair trembled with her body.

Lily got out of bed and tidied up her ripped clothes. The buttons on her shirt were gone and she wrapped herself tightly. When she turned around and left the bedroom, she suddenly stopped and did not look back.

With his back to Lily, Peter knelt on the bed, his arms hanging feebly on both sides, motionless. The French window reflected his delicate face. Somehow, his heart seemed to have been hollowed out. The cold wind blew the curtain and swayed, and the piercing cold wind drilled into the ripped shirt, like a knife, stabbing into his chest.

Lily, I have never thought of leaving you.

"Mr. Bai, I think we'd better keep a distance from each other. Let bygones be bygones." After saying that coldly, Lily turned around and left. Tears were welling up in her eyes, and she was suffering every step she took. She couldn't be softhearted.

The moment Lily opened the door, she saw a man smoking on the stairs.

"Joe? Why are you here?

Until the door slowly opened, Joe felt that a c

entury had passed. Joe stood up and walked up at the same time. He looked at Lily quietly, frowning and holding the cigarette end between his fingers.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to go out for some fresh air, but I didn't expect..." Lily raised her hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes and looked at the bright wall under the light.

"You don't have to explain to me. Did you get hurt?" Joe threw away the cigarette butt, sighed and held her tightly in his arms. Then he took off his coat and put it on Lily, carefully tidying up her long hair that he took out from his clothes.

Lily shook her head numbly, her eyes dull, "No, I'm just a little tired. Please drive me home."

Joe didn't say anything more. He put his arm around Lily's shoulder and walked into the elevator.

The man standing in front of the window stared at the car which had turned into black dots and slowly drove out of the community. His eyes were pulled to the distance, and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

When the car stopped in front of the apartment building, Lily was still looking out of the window, not realizing that she had arrived home.

Joe turned to look at Lily, coughed and flicked her forehead.

"Hey, you're home. Don't pretend to be serious in front of me."

"Who's pretending? I'm going upstairs. Thank you for sending me home." Lily replied. She reached out to open the door, but was stopped by the man behind her.

"Take your phone. Don't be so careless. You are so stupid. "

Lily's head seemed to have been poured with mud and solidified again, so heavy that she could not raise their heads.

It seemed that she remembered something. She went back to her seat and closed the door.

"Joe. Today Thank you!" Lily turned around and looked straight at Joe. The dim street lamp passed through the window, and her bright eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of starlight.

"Silly girl, you don't need to thank me. I didn't do anything. Don't look at me like that. I'll charge you if you keep looking at me. " Joe held the steering wheel with one hand, and a row of white teeth came out of his two thin lips. He touched the top of Lily's head with the other hand. Her long hair fluctuated like a black waterfall, which was extremely beautiful.

The smile of Joe was like a hot spring, which relaxed every nerve of Lily.

"Mr. Zhou, how much do you charge for one night?" Holding her chin, Lily looked at Joe with her big eyes blinking.

"It's none of your business. Get out of the car and go home to sleep."

"Well, it's not fun at all." Lily shook her head and got off the car with a pout.

This woman was indeed a troublemaker. It was not easy for anyone to pretend to be calm, especially for you, Lily.

The phone screen lit up and kept vibrating on the tea table in the living room. Peter stood up, walked barefoot to the living room and picked up his phone. Unexpectedly, he kicked over the red wine bottle at his feet, knocked on the wood floor, and the tinkling sound echoed in the empty bedroom.

"Hello!" A deep voice slowly came out from his mouth.

"Mr. Bai, I have got the result of the thing you asked me to investigate."

"Well. So fast? "

"Yes, the situation is complicated. I need to report it to you face to face. When do you have time? "

"Send me the address. I'll arrive tomorrow."

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