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   Chapter 8 You Hurt me. Let Me Go!

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In the villa of the Zhou family, a black Wrangler with strong and smooth outlines slowly drove in. In the deep twilight, the pure white building was stained with the color of the sunset.

The door opened. The man's leather shoes knocked on the marble floor regularly. A white door with golden totem slowly opened. The noble and elegant European style set off the huge villa like a palace. An old man with grey hair was sitting on the sofa, leaning against the side of the sofa with a shiny stick beside him.

"Mr. Zhou, sorry to keep you waiting." The man unbuttoned his suit and sat opposite Frank with a smile.

"Okay, okay, you are finally here!" Looking at the man, Frank smiled with wrinkles in the corners of his eyes.

The delicate tea set in front of him glowed with cold light, and the curling mist spread in the air. The steward poured the tea expertly and stretched out his right hand indicating them to drink it. The man slightly picked up the teacup and approached the tip of his nose to smell it.

"The Zhou family is a big family. I'm flattered that I can take care of this enterprise."

"Peter, I've heard about you in the manager circle. Thanks to your plan, the Zhou group can get through the crisis successfully. I always believe in my own judgment. I'm relieved to leave the Zhou group to you. " Frank said firmly without any hesitation.

"As far as I know, Mr. Zhou, you still have a son. Why don't you let him practice in advance?"

"You mean Joe? Well, I don't know what's wrong with that guy. Forget it. Forget it. " Frank shook his hand helplessly, with a bitter smile on his face.

"It seems that Mr. Zhou's son is not willing to take over the Zhou group. It's normal for us to see such a situation in our circle. There's still time, Mr. Zhou. You can't be anxious about this kind of thing. Just take your time to teach him."

"Teach him? Young people nowadays can't be taught by a man like me who is half dead. In my opinion, only Lily can control him. "


"Yes, Lily, the daughter of YS Group." Frank sighed and turned to look at Peter, who was sitting opposite to him. The teacup in his hand was tightly gripped. For some reason, Frank felt a chill coming from his heart and was unapproachable.

"What? Do you know Lily? "

"Yes, we are old friends."

"Since you are an old friend of her, please help me persuade Lily. It's not good to keep pestering Joe. I'm too old to do anything about it. Now with your support, I'm relieved."

"Pester? Why did you say that? Isn't Joe engaged to Lily? "

"Ha-ha, how is that possible? Our Zhou family has never known about it."

"I see I thought... " Peter shook his head and smiled.

The woman lied without thinking.

You want to marry someone else so much, don't you, Lily?

"You just came back from the United States. If you can't take good care of yourself in all aspects, just say it. Our Zhou Group will never treat any employee shabbily."

"You're welcome, Mr. Zhou. If there's nothing else, I'll leave now."

After leaving the villa of Zhou family, Peter stepped on the gas to the end and went straight to the central hospital. The trees along the road were like ghosts in the dark night, baring their fangs and waving their claws. Peter didn't care about that. He felt that in the past five years, everything about Lily seemed to have melted in his blood and could not be gotten rid of.

A sudden brake

pierced the dizzy street and Peter stopped on the side of the central hospital. Peter held the steering wheel with both hands, and his mind went blank. Beans of sweat dripped down. Damn stomach ache.

When the man raised his eyes, his face was as pale as a piece of white paper, and the hair on his forehead was wet with sweat.

In the Central Hospital, beside the colorful fountain, Lily walked slowly with her arms crossed over her chest and her head down. The cold wind blew away her long black straight hair. She didn't know where she was going, nor did she know how to face Jacob who had just woken up.

She didn't know when she raised her head and looked around, but she saw Peter standing not far away from her, with his hands in the pockets of the wind coat, looking at her.

There seemed to be a strong electric shock in Lily's chest, making her numb and painful. When Peter stood in front of her, it seemed unreal, like a dream that had reappeared for countless times. She also looked quietly at him at the moment. When the dream woke up, the only evidence that Peter had come to her dream was the pillow wet by tears beside her.

'Will you do the same?

Will you miss me even for one second? Peter?

Peter's heart twitched when he saw Lily shivering in the cold wind and a few strands of hair were blown on her forehead. He walked quickly to hold her tightly and buried his head into her neck. He wanted to embed her in his body and blood.

Somehow, Lily didn't get rid of him, or rather, she was reluctant to part with him. Even if the man in front of her has hurt her all over, even if he made her unwilling to believe in love, when he stood in front of her again, she would still throw away her armor, disarm and surrender. Love is love, and you can't forget.

The next second, the man grabbed Lily's wrist and dragged her to the Wrangler parking on the roadside, as if to crush her bones.

"What are you doing, Peter? Let go of me! Did you hear that! ?" With a great force, Lily was dragged to the Wrangler parking on the roadside.

"You hurt me. Let me go! We are over. We were over five years ago. " Her voice was full of despair and helplessness, struggling desperately to free herself from the man's restraint.

The man ignored it. He opened the door and pushed Lily into the passenger seat. Then he started the car without saying a word. His face seemed to be frozen.

The atmosphere of danger permeated in the carriage inch by inch, and her slender and snow-white wrist gradually became red and swollen. Lily did not understand why Peter did this. It was him who wanted to leave, and it was him who left her. Why was he so aggressive now.

The car steadily stopped in the garage of the XH community. Not long after, the lights on the twenty-five floor were turned on, and the dazzling light made Lily unable to open her eyes.

Before she could look around, Lily's hands were pressed against the wall, and there was a sting on her back. The next second, she was occupied by a domineering kiss, and a long tongue pried open her tightly closed teeth to plunder wantonly, leaving no room for resistance. The man's burning chest clung to her, as if to take the last breath of air from Lily's body. The kiss was so affectionate that she didn't want to let go. At the moment when Peter released her, she was gasping for breath. It seemed that she would die of suffocation in a second.

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