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   Chapter 6 Not Lily

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Joe was also stunned for a few seconds.

No, not just a few seconds. He felt that a century had passed!

It was not easy to send the police in the ward away, and Joe was also relieved. If he was really sent to the police station for this reckless woman, it would be really unfair.

He turned his head and saw the woman half lying on the bed, her long black hair hanging down obediently. The sunshine after the rain became scorching, shining from the blinds to the white quilt on her body. In the sunshine, a few strands of shiny hair curved into a beautiful arc at her shoulder, and her beautiful eyes were full of haze. She just looked out of the window, motionless.

Joe folded his arms across his chest and looked at her in confusion.

What's wrong?

Half dead?

She must be hurt by a man?

Lily's mind was in a mess. She didn't know how to get her mind out of a mess, or in other words, she had no idea what she was going to think about. Was it the answer? No, she had the answer. She didn't need to repeat the same mistake. Face it? No, she couldn't.

She really couldn't do it.

She suddenly felt that love was the most deadly weapon in the world. It could turn into a sharp blade again and again, stabbing straight into your heart, but not dripping blood. Even if it was just a simple sentence or a scene, as long as she inadvertently recalled, it was a sharp dagger that could stab into her body endlessly.

Joe looked at her, but she just looked out of the window motionlessly. He had never thought that such a bloody encounter would inexplicably trap him into a whirlpool of love.

She was in it, but there was another man he had never met.

All of a sudden, his thoughts were pulled back by a pair of big hands. Joe supported himself with one hand, rested his another hand on his chin and looked at Lily who was eating porridge slowly. She lowered her head, and her long eyelashes cast a shadow on her eyelids.

"Five years."

"What? Five years?" Lily raised her head in confusion.

"Nothing. Eat your porridge."

He sighed and said nothing.

'It had been five years, Lily

I've been mad with you for five years. I've been willing to accompany you to do whatever you want to do and I've given you my heart. But you are still living in the shadow of that person.

Peter. Peter.

How important is he to you? You just can't forget? I've been waiting for you for such a long time silently. Even if your heart is an iceberg, it's enough to be warmed up.'

Joe felt wronged.

Suddenly, a clear message alert tone woke him up. He cursed himself for being spineless in his heart. He stood up and took his mobile phone. It was from the traffic police team.

"Well, you have something to do tomorrow. Could you handle it alone? How about I go with you? "

Joe also patted the phone on the table and pushed it out with a little strength. The phone bumped into Lily's arm on the smooth table. She was eating porridge carelessly. She paused and glanced at the screen of the phone from the corner of her eyes. The spoon, which was originally placed beside her mouth, fell from two stiff fingers in an instant. Coincidentally, a drop of porridge fell directly from it, and the rest of the food was spilled on her clothes.

"Seriously? It's just a message. It's just about money. Just give him as much as he wants. Why are you so nervous? "

At the same time, Joe quickly took out a few tissues from the tissue box, frowning and scolding her for being careless.

"Joe. Will you go to the traffic police team with me tomorrow?" A pair of small hands suddenly grabbed Joe's arm, and the expression on her face w

as so serious that he felt a little strange.

Joe put her hand in front of him and pulled her closer to him. The eyes of the two suddenly intertwined. He raised his chin with the other hand and looked at her curiously.

"Okay, then how are you going to repay me? How about marrying me? "

She was slightly stunned, and her dark pupils shrank, and the expression on her face became more serious.

Lily avoided his sight, leaned back in the chair, lowered her head and began to scratch her fingers. She was lost in thought.

"I'm going to the hospital to keep dad company tomorrow. I really don't have time."

She said plaintively. Her two cherry colored thin lips curled, and she tucked a few strands of hair behind her ears.

"Okay, okay, don't pretend to be pitiful in front of me. I'll go, okay? You are so stupid. You can even run the red light when you drive a car, and you even had a car accident. I really don't understand why you can be a doctor with your intelligence? " Joe stood up at the same time, put away the bowl and walked to the kitchen.

"You are smart enough, OK? You can be a doctor. Why can't I? "

As Lily kept murmuring, she still lowered her head and clasped her fingers, as if there were flowers on them. She didn't withdraw her hand until Joe shouted at her. She looked around and took out another piece of tissue, tearing it.

In the XH community in the city center, a straight figure was standing in front of a twenty-five floor French window.

The light moonlight came in through the French window and covered the flawless white tile with a layer of light. In a corner of the large space, the cigarette between the man's fingers was flickering.

Leaning against the window, with a pair of deep and unfathomable eyes, Peter looked at the farthest distance of the city. The short hair on his forehead was slouching there. On the floor, the man's tall figure was pulled into a long shadow.

Fiance, the heir of the Zhou group?

It turns out that you have lived such a happy life in the past five years.

He smiled with a hint of imperceptible bitterness. He casually threw the remaining half of the cigarette butt beside his feet. With a trace of fire, the cigarette suddenly left a bloody mark in the air. The next second, it was stepped on by a shiny black leather shoe.

Peter crushed it with his tiptoes as if it was going to be embedded in the floor.

The second day, the traffic police team.

With his eyes narrowed, Peter looked at the documents in one hand and tapped the table with the other hand regularly.

Suddenly, a string of rapid footsteps came from the door, and the door of the meeting room opened.


He put a few pages of documents on the desk without turning his head.

Joe was also confused and replied casually.

"I'm sorry. There's a traffic jam."

Peter was stunned, and his moves stopped in midair.

Not Lily?

Joe nodded at the traffic police and looked at him sideways. Then he pulled out the chair opposite to Peter and sat down.

For some reason, the atmosphere in the meeting room suddenly stopped, and no one said anything.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Joe stretched out a hand to him. The silver gray suit set off his gentleness and elegance, and there was a faint smile on his face.

"Hello, I'm Joe. I will handle this accident on behalf of Miss Lily. "


He reached out his hand and politely shook hands with him. The expression on his face changed slightly, but he didn't say anything.

Joe was also stunned. Suddenly, a thunder struck his brain.


Isn't that the man that Lily often talked about?!

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