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   Chapter 54 Turmoil (Part One)

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Alston shook his head. He had thought of several families which could get involved, but they were all excluded by him. "I have thought of a few, but not all of them. Who is it? "

"Of course, the Young Family is involved in this matter, but the mastermind is the Qi Family."

Jewel leaned against the sofa.

"It's really surprising." Alston looked thoughtfully at the papers on his desk, "I didn't expect that the Young Family can't help to take action so soon. It seems that it's different to have a backer. "

When Gabrielle arrived home, she called her parents to tell them that she was safe and back home. Her parents said that they would come to see her no matter what. Gabrielle had no choice but to pack up her luggage and room, waiting for her parents.

Jeanette with Brody Shen, her father, came to the door with many bags and rang the doorbell.

Knowing that it was her parents, Gabrielle opened the door and took over the things in their hands. "Oh, why do you take so many things here again? I haven't finished what you brought me last time."

Jeanette and Brody changed their shoes and entered the room. Sitting on the sofa, Gabrielle made two cups of tea for her parents.

"I went to a supermarket along the way and bought some food. You haven't eaten the food cooked by your father for a long time. I'll satisfy your craving for food today." Jeanette looked at Gabrielle lovingly.

Hearing that she could eat the food cooked by her father, Gabrielle sat in the middle of them, held her parents' hands and said, "Finally, we can have a good meal. How about you stay here tonight and go back tomorrow morning? Since I went to work, the three of us haven't been together for a long time. ”

Brody nodded, "Yes, your mother and me just have planned to do so. I'll cook and

ly, washed her face and had breakfast. And her day was back to the previous days.

When she arrived at the sales department, Gabrielle took a look at the empty seat beside her and then looked at her watch. She wondered why Connie was not here today. Was she late? No way...

Seeing Gabrielle, Benita walked over and said, "You've been on a business trip these days, so you don't know what's going on in the company. Since you left, Lana always made difficulties for Connie. At last, Connie couldn't stand it anymore, so she resigned and left. "

"It's Lana again!" Gritting her teeth, Gabrielle said, "She made difficulties for Connie after I left! I'll call her."

"It's useless." Benita shook her head, "I called her just now, but her phone was turned off. It seems that Connie is really pissed off this time. "

Gabrielle sighed helplessly. She lost one more friend again. Lana was so hateful, she always deliberately put obstacles in other's way over and over again.

Lana came to the sales department at this time. When she saw Gabrielle, she walked up to her and asked, "Isn't this Gabrielle? What? Is your status increase after you went abroad? Why don't you greet the director?"

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