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   Chapter 53 Flirt With Me (Part Two)

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Rosita wiped her mouth and said, "We have to stay here for a few more days. We still have something to deal with. You can go back first. We will be here in a few days."

All of a sudden, Howard thought of the kidnapping. "By the way, Alston, have you found out the person behind the kidnapping?"

Alston took a look at Gabrielle, and Rosita understood what he meant immediately. So Rosita said, "Gabrielle, I need to go to the bathroom. Would you like to go with me?"

Gabrielle also understood what Alston meant. She took her bag and went to the bathroom with Rosita.

Seeing that the two of them had left, Alston lowered his voice and said, "I found it. It was the Qi Family."

"Did the Qi Family also plant their men abroad?" Howard was surprised. "It seems that the Qi Family has been a little arrogant recently."

"A few days ago, my secretary told me that there was something wrong with the Morning Garden. I also suspected that it had something to do with the Qi Family. I've already asked someone to solve the problem in S City, but there's something I need your help. "

"I don't like the Qi Family for a long time. Not long ago, they robbed a batch of my goods. I was just worried that I couldn't find a chance to deal with them. If you have any requirements, I will definitely help you. " Thinking of the stolen goods, Howard was angry.

Alston didn't know about this. He was stunned and said, "How dare the Qi Family grab goods from the Lin Family? It seemed that they really gone too far. There is only one person in the Qi Family who is difficult to deal with, which is Harold. Harold is very cunning and ruthless. It's difficult to catch his tail... "

Looking at her watch, Rosita decided to go back to the dining room with Gabrielle. Alston and Howard made a toast to each other.

The four of them talked for a while. Whe

aid that someone reported that the materials were falsified. We also checked the materials. The cement, the concrete and the sand were indeed mixed with something. I've already asked my brother to find someone to deal with the State Administration of Work Safety and the Construction Management Bureau, and replaced the fake materials in time. Then we went through the whole process. The Construction Management Bureau asked us to stop working for a week, and restart the work until the limelight was over. Jewel found the Morning Garden's files from a pile of documents, "All the other things about the Morning Garden are here."

"Thanks to you and the Ji Family this time. Thank you. " Alston expressed his gratitude to Jewel.

"But for the problems that have been solved, I'm more concerned about the people behind it. Donnie, have you found out who did it? Who is so bold to attack the Mu family? " Alston looked at the document in his hand and frowned.

When Donnie was about to say something, he was interrupted by Jewel. Jewel looked at Alston mysteriously and said, "With the presence of Donnie, of course he has found it out. But President, you can guess who it is. I'm telling you, it's a person you will never doubt."

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