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   Chapter 52 Flirt With Me (Part One)

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After changing her clothes and coming out of the fitting room, Gabrielle glared at Alston who was leaning against the door. It was all his fault. If it weren't for him, she didn't have to change her clothes for so long.

Pretending not to see Gabrielle's expression, Alston took her hand with a smile and went to pay the bill.

Alston took out a black card from his wallet. The shopping guide and the cashier were stunned, wondering who the man in front of them was. He even had a global limited edition black card. Fortunately, they didn't offend him.

The cashier swiped the card and respectfully handed it to Alston. Gabrielle saw that the cashier's face changed so fast that she was impatient a second ago, and she turned into very respectful the second she saw the card. Gabrielle had to sigh at the power of the money. They took the clothes and left the mall.

Alston still wanted to take Gabrielle to hang around, but was refused by Gabrielle. After returning to the house, Gabrielle poured a glass of water for Alston and said, "Have a good rest. The wound will heal faster."

Alston took a sip of water and said, "I'm going out to talk business soon. I was injured and it had been delayed these days. As soon as I finished the job, we can go back. "

"But your wound... Well, take care of yourself. Come back if you feel uncomfortable. " Gabrielle looked at Alston worriedly.

"Don't worry. I'll be back soon. You can watch a movie by yourself to kill time. " Alston went out with the documents he needed.

Feeling bored, Gabrielle randomly browsed through Alston's tablet computer. When she saw the picture library, Gabrielle was hesitant whether she should read it or not. What if there was any Alston's privacy in it?

After hesitating for a long time, curiosity triumphed over shamelessness. Gabrielle clicked into the picture library and found that there were pictures automatically saved by the software. Until she turned to the end, there were a few selfies of Alston and a

ting beside them. As usual, Alston cut the steak into pieces and changed the plate with Gabrielle.

"Mr. Alston is so gentle and considerate to Gabrielle." Rosita sighed, turned around and glared at Howard. "Look at Mr. Alston's way of loving people. You should learn from him."

Howard looked at Rosita innocently, "We have been married for a long time. Why do you still care about this? Fine, I'll do whatever you want me to do. I'll learn from him. "

Alston chuckled, "Don't make fun of me, Rosita. Gabrielle doesn't eat much western food and doesn't know how to use knives and forks. She's afraid to be impolite."

Noticing that the atmosphere was a little awkward, Gabrielle raised her glass and tried to ease the atmosphere. "I propose a toast to Mrs. Rosita and Mr. Howard. Thank you for helping us in a foreign country. If it weren't for you that day, I really don't know what would happen."

"It's not a big deal." Rosita raised her cup and said, "There is no need to say thanks between friends."

"I take Alston as my own brother. If you have any difficulty, of course I will help you," Howard also raised his glass.

The four of them raised their glasses and took a sip. Alston said, "Gabrielle and I are going back tomorrow. We have solved the problem here. When will you leave? Do you want to go with me? "

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