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   Chapter 51 Cooking (Part Two)

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"I'm not busy now. How are you doing there? When will you come back?" In a foreign country, Jeanette missed Gabrielle very much.

"I'm fine here..." After a few simple words with her parents, she found an excuse and hung up the phone.

Every time Gabrielle called his parents, Alston was afraid that Gabrielle would tell them about him.

Of course, Gabrielle was not that stupid. Even if she didn't know the grudge between her family and Alston, she didn't dare to tell them that she was with her boss. Her parents were very traditional people. If they knew that the two of them had lived together, they would fly to Y Country to pick her up.

The two continued the topic. Gabrielle shook her head and said, "I don't want to go anywhere. You'd better go to have a reexamination first. Your health is important."

Alston couldn't persuade Gabrielle. The two of them had breakfast and went to the hospital for reexamination.

When they arrived at the hospital, the two of them found the previous attending doctor. Before Alston entered the consulting room, he said to Gabrielle, "Don't worry."

Gabrielle sat on the chair in the corridor, waiting for the result of Alston's reexamination.

The doctor looked at Alston's wound and frowned. "Mr. Alston, I've told you again and again not to touch water. Fortunately, you came to see me in time. There is no big problem, but it's not ruled out that there are other diseases caused by inflammation. I advise you to stay in hospital for observation for a day.

Alston refused the doctor's request, "I don't care. I have other important things to do. How about this? You prescribe some medicine for me. I'll change the medicine and take the medicine on time. There should be no problem. "

Seeing that Alston was d

k the shopping guide for help, but when she thought that the shopping guide still had something else to do, she had no choice but to ask for help from Alston.

"Alston, come in. I can't unzip this dress. "

Alston went into the fitting room and unzipped the dress's side zipper for Gabrielle. Gabrielle blushed and wanted to push Alston out. Looking at the cute look of Gabrielle, he suddenly wanted to kiss her.

He approached her step by step. The fitting room was small, so Gabrielle took two steps back and leaned against the wall. Holding Gabrielle in his arms, Alston lowered his head and kissed her.

Suppressing the urge to push him away, Gabrielle hugged him back and tried to accept his kiss.

Alston gently kissed Gabrielle. Gabrielle didn't dare to breathe, and her face turned even redder.

Alston looked at her and said, "Silly girl, why don't you breathe?"

Gabrielle was too shy to raise her head. She had never kissed anyone like this, and it was the first time she had done it.

Alston raised her chin and kissed her again. It was not until the shopping guide urged them outside that Alston let go of Gabrielle and walked out of the fitting room.

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